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Art History

  • Under the umbrella of the Department of History, the Art History Program offers a minor which lays the foundation for promising careers.
  • Survey and period courses in the history of western art are offered so as to introduce the concepts of art history to those who wish to extend their visual perimeter and to understand the role of the visual arts in Western Culture.

group photo at fallingwater

(Students and faculty enjoy a trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Fallingwater in April of 2013.)

How Do I Declare My Art History Minor?

Declaring your Art History Minor is easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Log into DORI.

2. In the upper right corner, click on INDEX.


4. Under BACHELOR'S PROGRAMS in the center of the page, click on RESOURCES FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS.


6. Just fill out the online form and you're done!


The creativity-enhancing study of art/art history can aid students in that the flexible and innovative abilities needed to create new paradigms have become attractive qualities in employees.  An art-related curriculum develops just those skills.

Employment Opportunities for Art History 

  • Teaching—certification required; graduate degree normally required to teach at college/university level
  • Art Conservation
  • Critic
  • Museum Curator—graduate degree normally required
  • Gallery and Auction House Professional
  • Appraiser
  • Tour Consultant
  • Historic Preservationist
  • Arts Administrator—combined with business
  • Librarian

Potential Employers

Schools K-12, Art Schools, Universities, Colleges, Self-Employed, Corporations, Museums, Art Galleries, Arts & Humanities Councils, TV, Theatre, Historical Societies, Film Companies, Publishers, Non-Profit Organizations, Auction Houses, Newspapers, Magazines, and Tourism Boards

Career Alternatives for Art Historians

Check out this wonderful resource created by the University of Notre Dame!

Spring Break Away

One of the most unique opportunities for those interested in Art History as a minor is the Spring Break Away. During the Spring semester, students take an Art History course here at the main campus. Then, depending on the course, those students travel to Florence, Italy or Paris, France during Spring Break and spend the week fully immersed in the culture of the nation while still engaging in a scholarly way. Students have raved about the experience and many express their desire to return to those cities as soon as possible.

Check out our Spring Break Away Flickr Page!