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History Minor

The History Minor is designed to:

  • supplement a student's major
  • allow a student to pursue interests in past events
  • provide a basic foundation in historical processes

If you wish to minor in History, please discuss your options with your college advisor and/or the chair of the History Department.  Please note that no more than 6 transfer or AP credits may be applied to the minor.

Curriculum: 15 credits

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

Required Courses: 12 credits

6 credits in the following survey courses (3 credits must include HIST 203 or HIST 213):

HIST 203: U.S. to 1877
HIST 204: U.S. since 1877
HIST 213: Western Civilization I
HIST 214: Western Civilization II

3 credits in African, Asian, Latin American, or Middle Eastern courses:

HIST 161: Latin American Civilization
HIST 162: East Asian Civilizations
HIST 251: African History Survey
HIST 252: India, Pakistan, and South Asia
HIST 254: The History of the Modern Middle East
HIST 256: 20th Century Asia
HIST 270: Latin America: Conquest to Independence
HIST 271: Modern Latin America
HIST 277: History of Mexico
HIST 291: History of Japan
HIST 292: History of Traditional China
HIST 293: History of Modern China
HIST 376: Revolution: Modern Latin America
HIST 378: Modern Africa: Independence and Issues
HIST 379: East Asia and the U.S.
HIST 381: East Asian History through Film
HIST 382: Latin American History through Film
HIST 482W: Inter-American Relations
HIST 483W: Mexico and the U.S.
HIST 485W: China in Revolution
HIST 488W: China and the West

3 credits of 300- or 400W-level* courses:

Please be aware that most 300- and 400W-level courses are taught on a two-year cycle and take that into account when planning your minor.  You may find the 300- and 400W-level courses on our Courses page. *400W-level courses require permission of the Department Chair.

Elective: 3 credits

You may use any of the courses listed above towards your elective (but they may not double-counted to fulfill the elective and another requirement at the same time) as well as any of the courses that are listed on our Courses page.

Only one 100-level course may be used towards the minor in History.  This course may also be used for the Core requirements.