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All JMA majors — and prospective majors — must schedule a face-to-face meeting with their JMA faculty mentor prior to registering for classes each semester. Before meeting their College of Liberal Arts advisor for scheduling, students must meet with their JMA mentor, who will help ensure that students are meeting major requirements and progressing sensibly through the JMA curriculum. Students require a signed form from their mentor before they will be allowed to register for JMA classes. This procedure cannot be handled by phone or e-mail.

Unless you are studying abroad, you must meet with your faculty mentor prior to advisement and scheduling.

Mentoring Progress Sheets:

Advertising and Public Relations Majors:

All Advertising Majors see Dr. Zeynep Tanes-Ehle, 316 College Hall, tanesz@duq.edu
All Public Relation Majors see Dr. Giselle Auger, 308 College Hall, augerg@duq.edu

*Multiplatform Journalism Majors and Current Print Journalism Majors:

Last name A through Q see Dr. Mike Dillon, 341 College Hall, dillonm@duq.edu
Last name R through Z see Prof. Maggie Patterson, 309 College Hall, patterso@duq.edu

Current Broadcast Journalism Majors:

See Dr. Dennis Woytek, 205 College Hall, woytekd@duq.edu

Digital Media Arts Majors:

Web Development students see Mr. Phil DuPont, 317 College Hall, dupont657@duq.edu
All other Digital Media Arts Majors see Dr. William Gibbs, 341 College Hall, gibbsw@duq.edu

Sports Media Concentration:

Students interested in Sports Media see your JMA major mentor for advisement on how to use your JMA electives for this concentration.

*As of the Fall 2013 semester, the department offers ONE Journalism major – Multiplatform Journalism. A Journalism major who came in under the old ‘print’ and ‘broadcast’ majors should follow the new Multiplatform Journalism curriculum if it does not extend your graduation date. If it would extend your graduation date, you can follow the curriculum that was in place when you began your program. If you have questions, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Mike Dillon.