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Degree Information

Mathematics at Duquesne

Students may choose to pursue a major in mathematics leading either to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

The B.A. option provides maximum flexibility for students interested in pursuing:

  • Dual degrees
  • Double majors
  • Business certificates

The B.S. option is more focused and intense. It is primarily for students whose career interests require:

  • A greater breadth and/or depth in mathematics
  • A strong background in science or statistics

In addition to completing the University Core and the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts core requirements, students must complete the Mathematics Core of:

  • Calculus I, II and III
  • Linear algebra, abstract algebra and real analysis
  • An approved higher level computer programming language

A complete list of courses offered is also available.

Focuses and Dual Degrees

All students majoring in mathematics are advised to work closely with academic advisors and faculty mentors to choose second majors or minors that complement their career goals.

Students in other majors can choose the study of mathematics as a minor, a second major or as a dual degree option. Each of these choices is designed to equip students with the best possible education, which prepares them for the critical and logical analysis of problems as well as the ability to design and implement creative solutions.

The minimum requirements for a minor in mathematics are Calculus I and II plus nine additional credits in mathematics.

Accelerated Degrees

Qualified students may elect to enter an accelerated five-year bachelor's/graduate degree program in Computational Mathematics.

Statistics and Biostatistics

The mathematics program includes a sequence of pure and applied statistics and biostatistics courses. These provide a sound basis for advanced study in the discipline and can lead to rewarding career options.

More Information

Detailed requirements for the computer science degree programs can be found at Duquesne's Undergraduate Catalog.