Political Science Department

503 College Hall
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Email: politicalscience@duq.edu
Phone: 412-396-6485

Dr. Clifford Bob

Cheri Cunningham
Administrative Assistant

Learn about the UN and diplomacy--and participate in our Model UN Club!

Global problems such as development and human rights are a special interest of the department.

Our students learn to analyze and participate in politics.

Political science: an ideal pre-law major.

Campaigns and elections--the lifeblood of democracy and a focus of our courses.

Why do wars start and end? What are the human costs? Political science answers the world's most pressing problems.

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Welcome to Political Science

Politics influences, inspires, and sometimes angers us all. Whether at the local, national or international level, political action--by individuals, movements, parties, and governments--remakes the world. Lawmaking, activism, diplomacy, war, and, of course, elections: all are part of politics.

Political Science helps students understand and participate. With a faculty of seven committed teacher-scholars, we teach over 300 students each semester and advise almost 100 majors and minors. Join us as we study politics and become more engaged global citizens!


Political science readies students for careers in government, law, international relations, homeland security, nonprofits, business, media-and much more. Explore some of the great jobs our graduates are now doing!