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Faculty and Staff

Political science faculty have earned university, national, and international recognition through the high quality of their teaching and scholarship. We come from diverse backgrounds, not only top-flight Ph.D. programs but also law, the military, and the priesthood. We are eager to help you learn about the world of politics!

  • Clifford Bob, Chair                                            412.396.6482       bob@duq.edu
  • Mark Haas                                                        412.396.6487       haasm158@duq.edu
  • John Hanley                                                     412.396.6481       hanleyj@duq.edu
  • Lewis Irwin                                                        412.396.1844       irwinl@duq.edu
  • Charles Rubin                                                   412.396.1438       rubin@duq.edu
  • John Sawicki                                                     412.396.2363       sawicki@duq.edu
  • Jennie Schulze                                                 412.396.6483       schulzej@duq.edu
  • Cheri Cunningham, Administrative Assistant    412.396.6485       cunningc@duq.edu