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International Study

As a Political Science major or minor, you are encouraged to spend at least one semester abroad. Through study abroad, you will develop global awareness, experience diverse political systems, and gain deeper appreciation of American politics in comparative perspective. Study abroad is an excellent addition to a resumé for those of you seeking careers in domestic and international politics, as well as in law.

You may study abroad in any country, provided that you do so through an accredited program approved by the Office of International Programs. As a political science major or minor, you are particularly encouraged to consider a semester at Duquesne's Rome or Dublin programs. Both programs offer excellent opportunities for experiencing other cultures and taking courses that will enrich your understanding of politics. The Dublin program is affiliated with University College Dublin, whose Clinton Institute for American Studies, may be of special interest to political science students. For information about Duquesne's Italian campus in Rome, click here; for information about Duquesne in Dublin, click here.

To receive credit toward the political science major or minor when studying abroad, you must receive approval from the Political Science department chair prior to your taking any proposed courses. Students should make every attempt to take required courses for the major at home unless they are offered abroad by a Duquesne political science department faculty member.