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Major in Political Science

Requirements (download printable progress sheet here)

  • 30 credits of political science courses, including both core and elective courses;

  • Grade of C or higher in all 30 credits.

Core Courses (15 credits):

POSC 105: American National Government;

POSC 208 or 209: Politics of Great Powers or Politics of Emerging Powers;

POSC 245: International Relations;

POSC 298: Introduction to Political Analysis;*

POSC 317W or 318W: Western Political Thought I or II.

* Majors who declared prior to Fall 2015, may meet this requirement by taking POSC 298, 427, or 436W.

Elective Courses (15 credits):

Any political science courses (other than core courses);

No more than 3 elective credits at the 100 level;

Capstone: at least 3 of the 15 credits at the 400 level for a grade, not P/F;*

One or more concentration (optional).

* POSC 430 and 431: Internship in Practical Politics I and II do not meet this requirement.


Political science majors may choose from three concentrations which will appear on transcripts along with the major:

• Law & Politics;
• American Politics & Policy; 
• International Politics

For requirements and the list of approved concentration courses, click here.

Deeply interested in politics? Enhance your political science major by taking two or even three concentrations! Each will appear on your transcript, to show graduate schools and employers. 

Declaring Your Major in Political Science:

Use this link to log into DORI and complete the Major/Minor Declaration Form.

Log into DORI > index> Liberal Arts> Resources for Undergraduate Students >Major/Minor Declaration Form.