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Dissertations in Progress

Copies of the dissertation proposals are available for review in the Department Office.
Anyone wishing to get in touch with an author should contact the Psychology Department at psychology@duq.edu or 412-396-6520.

      • Arroyo, José--Clothing and becoming: A hermeneutic phenomenological study of Gay Men's experience of choosing their clothes
      • Barackman, Amy--Understanding others through my body: A hermeneutical-phenomenological study of psychotherapists' emobodied experience in session
      • Callanan, Jessica--How People become sex offenders: A study of their constitution at the intersection of the legal and mental health systems
      • Dilmore, Terri--Can we use the Rorschach to describe the experience of Aphasia Patients: The intersection between psychology, perception, and language
      • Dunn, Jessica--The queer zombie apocalypse is already happening: Queering subjectivities in zombie film
      • Gottlieb, Rahcel--Leaps of faith: Trainees' experiences of not knowing the psychotherapy
      • Hall, Travis--Trauma and disaster: Witness, testimony, and obligation
      • Hamilton, Sarah--Clients' and providers' experiences of recovery-oriented care for Schizophrenia: A qualitative research study
      • Kelly, Shannon--The Robot in the room: What high-functioning Autism can teach psychoanalysis about subjective constitution
      • Kiskiras, Nikolas--Sexual desire(s) and the desire for Intimacy: A cinematic autoethnography
      • O'Connor, Camille--A multitude of little luminosities: Dissociation, multiplicit, and psychoanalytic possibility
      • Payton, Jessica--Toward a social ecological understanding of survivor reporting of military sexual assault
      • Pietrusza, Celeste--Kink in flux: BDSM praxis and the production of subjectivities
      • Pittenger, Frank--Phylogeny, psychology, and the vicissitudes of human development
      • Wagner, Katie--The lived experience of therapists with disabilitis: A phenomenological analysis
      • Yahalom, Jonathan--Social dimensions of Alzheimer's Disease: A discursive analysis of indigenous caregivers in Oaxaca Mexico.