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Dissertations in Progress

Copies of the dissertation proposals are available for review in the Department Office.
Anyone wishing to get in touch with an author should contact the Psychology Department at psychology@duq.edu or 412-396-6520.

  • Arroyo, José--Clothing and becoming: A hermeneutic phenomenological study of Gay Men's experience of choosing their clothes
  • Axelrad, Jeremy--The inheritance of this moment: An exploration of temporality, subjectivity, and liberation in non-dual contemplative practice and psychotherapy
  • Barackman, Amy--Understanding others through my body: A hermeneutical-phenomenological study of psychotherapists' emobodied experience in session
  • Bekkeli, Kai--How talk changes in psychotherapy: A longitudinal, conversation analysis of change in talk-in-interaction in psychotherapy
  • Cashore, Dorothy--Listening for the desert: An Ecopsychological autoethnography
  • Dixit, Sugandh--Finding a place of my own: Phenomenological discursive understanding of child-centric research
  • Dunn, Jessica--The queer zombie apocalypse is already happening: Queering subjectivities in zombie film
  • Gill, Ashley--Toward an understanding of gender socialization at the intersection of race: A participatory action research project
  • Gimeno, Rebecca-Encountering pornographic imagery: An empirical-phenomenological study of women's negative experiences
  • Gruner, Daniel--Ethnography of crisis intervention team trainings for corrections personnel
  • Gupta, Nisha--Illuminating the trauma of the LGB closet: An emancipatory cinematic-phenomenological research study
  • Hamilton, Sarah--Clients' and providers' experiences of recovery-oriented care for Schizophrenia: A qualitative research study
  • Kocherzat, Kathleen--I do have a softer side: A phenomenological investigation of a prisoner-dog relationship in the Canine Partners for Life Training Program.
  • O'Brien, Patrick--A phenomenological investigation into the Yips
  • Payton, Jessica--Toward a social ecological understanding of survivor reporting of military sexual assault
  • Pietrusza, Celeste--Kink in flux: BDSM praxis and the production of subjectivities
  • Pittenger, Frank--Phylogeny, psychology, and the vicissitudes of human development
  • Samson, Elizabeth--Beyond a reasonable doubt: A discourse analysis of forensic and psychological truth in child narratives
  • Sharara, Danny--The psychology of self-surrender: A contemplative-hermeneutic study
  • Simon, Arvin--The personal and social experiences of workers in urban green spaces
  • Turgeon-Dharmoo, Laurent--Coming to terms: Unpacking the title of "Doctor" for clinical psychologists
  • Verbos, John--Non-symbolic exact quantity representation in a language-impaired population
  • Young, Seth--Myth of promiscuity: Examining black male sexual narratives and sexual identity