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Graduate Programs in Theology

The Department of Theology offers undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs in Theology, as well as graduate programs in Pastoral Ministry and Religious Education.

PhD Theology

Our Department offers a Ph.D. Program in Theology-encompassing the fields of doctrinal and moral theology-which is focused on the Roman Catholic faith tradition while adopting a decided ecumenical and global orientation. Students in this program seek to better understand the Catholic tradition by studying its biblical roots, historical development, and interaction with the religions and cultures of the world, and by listening to the other voices of human learning, including history of religion, philosophy, anthropology, spirituality, sociology, and physical sciences.

Doctoral Program in Theology

MA Theology

The MA in Theology provides a graduate-level foundation in central areas of theology. It is especially appropriate for those who wish to teach theology at the secondary level or prepare for doctoral-level studies in theology.

Master of Arts in Theology

MA Religious Education

This program is designed for students who wish to prepare to serve as directors of religious education and youth ministers in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

It is offered by Duquesne University's Department of Theology in collaboration with the Department for Religious Education of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
Students enrolled in this program are eligible for a full tuition scholarship, and normally enroll in one course per semester.

Diocesan Scholarships: Students working as parish catechetical leaders and youth ministers in the Diocese of Pittsburgh may apply to the Office for Religious Education for full tuition scholarships. Contact the Office for Religious Education at 412.456.3112 for information and application.

Religious Education

MA Pastoral Ministry

The M.A. in Pastoral Ministry provides a foundational, integrative curriculum for the theological education of people engaged in a variety of pastoral ministries, including: parish pastoral associate, parish life collaborator, director of religious education, youth minister, parish social minister, campus minister and health care minister. The curriculum is designed with attention to the competencies needed by Catholic lay ecclesial ministers and others. Students combine course work in central areas of theology with a supervised practicum, including a field placement in their area of ministerial focus and a capstone ministerial portfolio.

Pastoral Ministry

M.A.P.M. & Communication

Students who wish to combine studies in Pastoral Ministry with communication may enroll in the dual M.A.

To be considered for the dual M.A., students must apply concurrently to each sponsoring department.
Separate guidelines are available through Pastoral Ministry (ministry@duq.edu, or 412.396.6528) and through the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, 412.396.6446.