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Congratulations to the New Alumni!

Congratulations to Sharon Higgenbothan on her graudation!

December 2015 Graduation

Dissertation Title

Sharon R. Higgininbothan, Ph.D. Female Genital Cutting: What Should Be Care For Refugee Women Experiencing Female Genital Cutting

 Congratulations to Aimee Zellers, Jillian Walsh, Alex Garvey, Jim Benedict and Shelley Kobuck on your graudation!

May 2015 Graduation

Dissertation Title

Jim Benedict, Ph.D. Covenant Consent: A Revised Consent Model for Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation
Alex Garvey, Ph.D. Organizational Ethics For Sponsorship and Governance In Catholic Healthcare
Shelley Kobuck, Ph.D. Moral Courage: A Requirement for Ethical Decision Making in Nursing Home Leadership
Jillian Walsh, Ph.D. An Enhanced Model for Parental Decision Making for Pediatric Care
Aimee Zellers, Ph.D.
Rethinking Ethics Assessment in Health Technology Assessment: A Non-linear Approach