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Global Bioethics

Dr. Henk ten Have and Dr. Gerard Magill

This long-term area of research is focused on examining the development of healthcare ethics into global bioethics, exploring not only the conceptual and methodological challenges of the globalization of bioethics, but also analyzing and clarifying the many new issues and problems that arise within a global perspective.

The project will result in journal publications and conference presentations:

Henk ten Have: ‘Clinical ethics in non-western countries'; 7th International Conference on Clinical Ethics and Consultation, May 2011, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Henk ten Have: ‘Global bioethics'; 9th Brazilian Congress of Bioethics, September 2011, Brasilia, Brazil.

Henk ten Have: ‘Bioethics and human rights; wherever the twain shall meet'; Symposium Ethicalization of law, September 2011, Freiburg, Germany. http://www.ethisierungrecht.de/aufzeichnungen.html

Henk ten Have: ‘The principle of vulnerability in global bioethics'; Workshop on Vulnerability, October 2011, Rome, Italy.

Henk ten Have: ‘Global perspectives in bioethics'; International Conference on Bioethics, October 2011, Manila, Philippines.

Henk ten Have: ‘Scientific, social and ethical significance of recent developments in biotechnology'; International Conference of Union Internationale des Avocats ‘Life sciences and the biotechnology economy; How far should we go?', November 2011, Miami, USA.

The project will also result in several books presenting global bioethics is the newest stage in the development of ethics within the domain of health and healthcare. Since 2011 a new series of Reference books on global bioethics are in development, leading to the first publication in 2012 by Springer Publishers of the Handbook of Global Bioethics.

This Handbook will have two volumes:

Volume 1: Compendium of Global Bioethics. This will provide a critical examination of many new issues in the field of bioethics.

Volume 2: Atlas of Global Bioethics. This will provide a comparative overview of the state of the art in bioethics in approximately 60 countries.


Gerard Magill, "Bioethics in the United States," in Henk A.M.J. ten Have & Bert Gordijn (eds.): Atlas of Global Bioethics (Springer, 2012), forthcoming.

Gerard Magill, "Bioethics in the Roman Catholic Tradition," in Henk A.M.J. ten Have & Bert Gordijn (eds.): Compendium of Global Bioethics (Springer, 2012), forthcoming.

The project will also lead to co-authoring the 2nd edition of a textbook in Catholic bioethics:

David, F. Kelly, Gerard Magill and Henk A.M.J. ten Have: Contemporary Catholic Health Care Ethics (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2012, 2nd edition), forthcoming.