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Dual Degree with M.A. Corporate Communication/M.B.A.

Program Description

The Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies and The Graduate School of Business offer a unique joint degree program. This 70-credit M.B.A/M.A.--Corporate Communication program provides you with an opportunity to earn advanced degrees in two highly complementary fields—business and communication. Success in today's competitive, global economy requires both an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the world of business and the ability to communicate effectively in various forms under highly diverse conditions.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for this dual degree program, you must apply separately to the Graduate School of Business and the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies--Corporate Communication graduate programs. You must be accepted by both programs and you must declare their intent to pursue this academic program at the time of application to Duquesne University. You may not transfer into this joint degree program following acceptance into another program of study.

The prerequisite for the M.B.A. and M.A.--Communication program is an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. The per-credit cost of tuition will be that in effect for each program of study. Advisors are available in the Graduate School of Business and the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies to provide you with guidance and advice on each program.

M.A. in Corporate Communication

Required Core Courses

  • COMM 500  Professional Communication
  • COMM 501  Persuasion in the Marketplace
  • COMM 515  Organizational Communication
  • COMM 523  Communication Ethics & Professional Civility

Corporate Communication Track

  • COMM 518  Conflict Management in Organizations
  • COMM 522  Communication Research Methods
  • COMM 536  Integrated Marketing Communication
  • COMM 601  Communication Practicum (OR 3-credit elective upon consultation with advisor if student is employed full-time)

In addition, you will take a 3 credit elective course from within the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies.

Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Core IA Courses

  • GRBUS 504  Quantitative Analysis
  • GRBUS 508  Applied Ethics
  • GRBUS 512  External Financial Reporting
  • GRBUS 516  Strategic Use of Accounting Information
  • GRBUS 518  Law for the Executive

Core IB Courses

  • GRBUS 510  Understanding the Value Chain
  • GRBUS 513  Economics for Decision Making
  • GRBUS 514  Assessing Financial Health of Firms
  • GRBUS 515  Information Systems for Managers
  • GRBUS 519  Marketing Management and Production Strategy
  • GRBUS 520  Managing a Diverse Workforce
  • GRBUS 523  Managing Operations
  • GRBUS 530  The Global Economy
  • GRBUS 537  Public Affairs Management
  • GRBUS 630  Leading Change in Organizations

Core II Courses

  • GRBUS 538  Strategy: Formation and Implementation