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Public History Program

In the Spring of 2015, our graduate Public History program underwent curriculum reform.
We are excited to announce its implementation beginning in the Fall 2015 semester.
Please see below for its full layout.

Curriculum: 36 credits

The Public History Program at Duquesne University is set up so that a student can theoretically complete his or her degree in four semesters, should the student take the full courseload of three courses per semester. All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.  No more than 6 transfer credits may be applied to the graduate Public History degree. For a list of all course descriptions, visit our Course Descriptions page.

Methodological Courses - 1 REQUIRED 

PHST 601 Introduction to Public History - REQUIRED
PHST 619 Public History Seminar: Commemoration and Preservation

Theoretical Courses - 2 REQUIRED

PHST 511 Studies in Material and Visual Culture 
PHST 512 Museums and Society 
PHST 513 Cultural Resources Management
PHST 515 Special Topics (All-offered in lieu of 511, 512, or 513)

Professional Courses - 3 REQUIRED

PHST 521 Introduction to Archives
PHST 522 Visual Presentation of History 
PHST 523 Education and Public Programming 
PHST 524 Historical Editing 
PHST 525 Introduction to Historic Preservation 

Internships - 2 REQUIRED

PHST 656 Historic Preservation Internship 
PHST 657 Historical Editing Internship
PHST 658 Archival Internship
PHST 659 Museum Internship 

Historical Studies Courses - 3 REQUIRED

Students must take 1 course in United States History, 1 course in European History, and 1 course in Global History. You can see all courses and their descriptions on our Course Descriptions page.


Students may take 1 course in either Historical Studies or Public History. You can see all courses and their descriptions on our Course Descriptions page.