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Graduate Students in Philosophy

The Graduate Students in Philosophy (GSiP) collaborates with the department to support faculty-organized conferences and activities. GSiP organizes an annual conference, as well as hosting a Colloquium Series, in which current graduate students are encouraged to present their work. Additionally, the GSiP assists the faculty and department administration in coordinating department-wide social events.

Current Information and Awards

GSiP Officers, 2014-2015
  • Martin Krahn - President
    Bethany Somma - Vice President
  • Matthew Yaw and Peter Libbey - Faculty Representatives 
    Alex Gorman and Tristana Martin Rubio - Colloquium Coordinators
  • Joseph Bertino - Web Coordinator


Duquesne Women in Philosophy (D-WiP)

D-WiP emphasizes research support, community service, and provides a forum for continued philosophical discussion. In service of these ends, D-WiP hosts Brown Bag Discussions, engages in community service projects, and organizes a yearly Symposium.


Current Graduate Students 2014-2015

(Contact Joseph Bertino for updates)



Areas of Interest

Thomas Ball ballt1@duq.edu Ancient Philosophy and the Intersection of Theory and Practice
Taylor Baker bakert@duq.edu Aesthetics, Existentialism: Literature, Nietzsche, Morality, Ethics
Joseph Bertino bertinoj@duq.edu Ancient Greek Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Nature, Moral Theory, Hylomorphism, and Ancient Theories of Cognition.
Roland Carspecken Carspeckern@duq.edu 19th Century and Contemporary French and German Philosophy: On Language, Communication, intersubjectivity and Social Theory
Alexander Crist Crista@duq.edu
Tylor Cunningham Cunnin21@duq.edu Plato, Aristotle, Epicurean Ethics, Daseinsanalysis, and Medieval Philosophy.
Rory Dahl dahlr@duq.edu
Paul di Georgio digeorgiop@duq.edu 19th-20th C. French, German, & Italian Philosophy: epistemology, phenomenology and psychoanalysis
Ned Goertzen goertzenn@duq.edu
Brian Goncus goncusb@duq.edu
Alexander Gorman gormana2@duq.edu Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, and Deconstruction
Stephen Hallenbeck hallenbecks@duq.edu I'm interested in French Continental Philosophy and the Frankfurt School including Deleuze, Foucault, Derrida, Adorno and Benjamin. I hope to study the ways in which the schools of thought relate to aesthetics, politics and critical theory.
Richard King kingr2@duq.edu
Jessica Konig konigj@duq.edu Critical race theory, feminist philosophy, women's and gender studies, existentialism.
Fr. Francois Kodena kodenaf@duq.edu Political Philosophy, Kemetic Maatism, Egyptology, Afrosofia, Philosophical Corporeality, and History of Philosophy.
Jeff Lambert Lambert2@duq.edu Early modern philosophy, contemporary French philosophy, questions of intimacy.
Peter Libbey libbeyp@duq.edu German Idealism, contemporary French philosophy, and intercultural philosophy
Tristana Martin-Rubio martinrubiot@duq.edu Phenomenology
Benjamin Maynard Maynard1@duq.edu Satrean Existentialism, Psychoanalysis, Selfhood/Autonomy
Michael Mburu mburum@duq.edu African Philosophy (Ethics), Aristotle, Aquinas and Lonergan.
Timothy McGarvey mcgarveyt@duq.edu Existentialism, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche
Johnathan Nocera Noceraj@duq.edu Ancient-Medieval Philosophy, Natural Theology, Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology, Self-Knowledge, Asian Philosophy, Heidegger.
Jiho Oh ohj1@duq.edu German Idealism, Contemporary French Philosophy, Post--modern Ontology, Modern and Contemporary Ethics.
Sila Ozkara ozkaras@duq.edu German Idealism, Early Modern Philosophy, Theories of Cognition, Language.
Alessio Rotundo rotundoa@duq.edu Phenomenology and contemporary hermeneutics (Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Nietzsche, Gadamer, Vattimo)
Norman Schultz schultzn@duq.edu
Richard Sharpe sharper@duq.edu Existentialism, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Religion, 20th Century Catholic Philosophy
Anna Shevchenko shevchenkoa@duq.edu Phenomenology/Existentialism, Philosophy of Feelings/Emotion, 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Merleau-Ponty.
Frank Smecker Smeckerf@duq.edu German Idealism, Psychoanalysis, Structuralism, Film & Literature Studies and the Narrative Form
Bradley Van Uden vanudenb@duq.edu Plato, Aristotle
Rebecca Warshofsky warshofskyr@duq.edu Philosophy and Literature, Phenomenology, Rhetoric, Being, Selfhood, Culture and Camus.
Matthew Yaw yawm@duq.edu Phenomenology, Philosophy of Religion, Continental Philosophy

ABD Students

Stephanie Adair

adairs@duq.edu German Idealism, Epistemology, Feminist Theory
C. Dominic Alvarado alvaradoc@duq.edu Catholic Philosophy, German Idealism, and Phenomenology, especially Aquinas, Kant, Hegel, and Heidegger.
Jim Bahoh bahohj@duq.edu Deleuze, Heidegger, Contemporary Ontology, History of Philosophy.

Tiah Balcer


Karim Barakat

barakatk@duq.edu History of Political Philosophy, Critiques of Liberalism, Foucault,
Contemporary Arabic Philosophy

Joy Bradley

William Davenport davenportw@duq.edu Kant's Moral Theory, Virtue Ethics and Bioethics
Minglai Dong dongm@duq.edu Phenonenology, Semiotics, and Confucius Ethics
Derek Elliott elliottd@duq.edu
Jacob Greenstine greenstinea@duq.edu Ancient philosophy (esp. Aristotle's theoretical philosophy), German Idealism (esp. Hegel), early modern Sciences, and contemporary materialisms and realisms.
Justin Habash habashj@duq.edu
John Harvey harveyj@duq.edu Metaphysics, Mind-Body Problem, Philosophy of Mind, Logic
Boram Jeong jeongb@duq.edu
Andrew Jussaume jussaumea@duq.edu
Martin Krahn krahnm@duq.edu German Idealism, Philosophy of Nature, Marx and Marxism, History and Philosophy of Science
Fergus Laughland laughlandf@duq.edu
Ryan Lingo lingor@duq.edu
Matthew Lovett lovettm@duq.edu Deleuze, Hegel, Lacan & Psychoanalysis, German Idealism, Philosophy of Art, Women's & Gender Studies.
Rev. Christopher Mbogu mbogu887@duq.edu
Christopher Murry murryc@duq.edu
Brandon Nelson nelson240@duq.edu
Ryan Pfahl pfahlr@duq.edu
Ariana Ragusa ragusaa@duq.edu
Chris Rawls rawlsc@duq.edu
Early Modern (Spinoza), Critical Race Theory,
Philosophy of Psychology & Education,
Bergson, de Beauvoir, Deleuze
Adam P. Roos roosa@duq.edu
Nalan Sarac saracn@duq.edu
George Shea sheag@duq.edu
Clancy Smith smithc4@duq.edu Pragmatism, Critical Theory
Bethany Somma sommab@duq.edu Platonism, Arabic Philosophy, Nietzsche, Philosophy and Adoption
Evan Strevell strevelle@duq.edu Ancient Philosophy, Memory, Ethics, History of Philosophy
James Taylor taylorj1801@duq.edu Critical Philosophies of Race and Gender, Philosophy of Technology, Martin Heidegger, and Divine Command Theory.
Amy Timko coopera@duq.edu
Dana Trusso johnsond562@duq.edu Philosophy of Love, Platonism, Mysticism, Neoplatonisnm.
Luke Trusso trussol@duq.edu Enviromental Philosophy, Nietzsche, Existentialism, Aesthetics
Matt Valentine valentine944@duq.edu Kant, French Continental Philosophy, Subjectvity and the Science of the Subject.
Becky  Vartabedian vartabedianr@duq.edu Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Philosophy and Mathematics
History of Philosophy
Kelsey Ward wardk1@duq.edu Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy
Katherine Weber weber496@duq.edu
Paul Zipfel zipfelp@duq.edu Phenomenology, Intersubjectivity, Forgiveness, and Evil