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Graduate Students in Philosophy

The Graduate Students in Philosophy (GSiP) collaborates with the department to support faculty-organized conferences and activities. GSiP organizes an annual conference, as well as hosting a Colloquium Series, in which current graduate students are encouraged to present their work. Additionally, the GSiP assists the faculty and department administration in coordinating department-wide social events.

Current Information and Awards

GSiP Officers, 2014-2015
  • Martin Krahn - President
    Bethany Somma - Vice President
  • Matthew Yaw and Peter Libbey - Faculty Representatives 
    Alex Gorman and Tristana Martin Rubio - Colloquium Coordinators
  • Joseph Bertino - Web Coordinator


Duquesne Women in Philosophy (D-WiP)

D-WiP emphasizes research support, community service, and provides a forum for continued philosophical discussion. In service of these ends, D-WiP hosts Brown Bag Discussions, engages in community service projects, and organizes a yearly Symposium.


Marginal Theory Society

The Marginal Theory Society provides a forum for the investigation of fields such as queer theory, liberation theology, philosophy of technology, race theory, environmental ethics, peace studies, and other areas outside the reach of core curricula. The Society held an interdisciplinary workshop on November 12, 2011 on the topic of Technology and Identity.

Nathan Eckstrand - Coordinator



Current Graduate Students 2013-2014

(Contact Bethany Somma at sommab@duq.edu for updates)



Areas of Interest

Thomas Ball ballt1@duq.edu Ancient Philosophy and the Intersection of Theory and Practice
Taylor Baker bakert@duq.edu Aesthetics, Existentialism: Literature, Nietzsche, Morality, Ethics
Karim Barakat barakatk@duq.edu History of Political Philosophy, Critiques of liberalism, Foucault, Contemporary Arabic Philosophy
Joe Bertino bertinoj@duq.edu Ancient Philosophy, Phenomenology of Architecture and Hegelian Studies.
Joel Boyer boyerj@duq.edu Social/Political Philosophy, Phenomenology: on Knowledge, Reason, Truth, Justice, Responsibility, Right(s).
Minglai Dong dongm@duq.edu Phenomenology, Semiotics, and Confucius Ethics
Paul di Georgio digeorgiop@duq.edu 19th-20th C. French, German, & Italian Philosophy: epistemology, phenomenology and psychoanalysis
Ned Goertzen goertzenn@duq.edu
Brian Goncus goncusb@duq.edu
Alexander Gorman gormana2@duq.edu Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, and Deconstruction
Stephen Hallenbeck hallenbecks@duq.edu I'm interested in French Continental Philosophy and the Frankfurt School including Deleuze, Foucault, Derrida, Adorno and Benjamin. I hope to study the ways in which the schools of thought relate to aesthetics, politics and critical theory.
Richard King kingr2@duq.edu
Jessica Konig konigj@duq.edu Critical race theory, feminist philosophy, women's and gender studies, existentialism.
Francois Kodena kodenaf@duq.edu
Peter Libbey libbeyp@duq.edu German Idealism, contemporary French philosophy, and intercultural philosophy
Tristana Martin-Rubio martinrubiot@duq.edu Phenomenology
Michael Mburu mburum@duq.edu
Timothy McGarvey mcgarveyt@duq.edu Existentialism, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche
Sila Ozkara ozkaras@duq.edu German Idealism, Early Modern, theories of cognition, philosophy of language, aesthetics, vagueness
Alessio Rotundo rotundoa@duq.edu Phenomenology and contemporary hermeneutics (Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Nietzsche, Gadamer, Vattimo)
Norman Schultz schultzn@duq.edu
Richard Sharpe sharper@duq.edu Existentialism, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Religion, 20th Century Catholic Philosophy
Bradley Van Uden vanudenb@duq.edu Plato, Aristotle
Rebecca Warshofsky warshofskyr@duq.edu
Matthew Yaw yawm@duq.edu Phenomenology, Philosophy of Religion, Continental Philosophy

ABD Students

Stephanie Adair

adairs@duq.edu Kant, Hume, Epistemology and Feminist Philosophy
C. Dominic Alvarado alvaradoc@duq.edu
Jim Bahoh bahohj@duq.edu Deleuze, Heidegger, Contemporary Ontology, History of Philosophy.

Tiah Balcer


Joy Bradley

Patrick Craig craigp@duq.edu Early Modern (Hobbes, Spinoza), Contemporary Continental, History of Materialism
William Davenport davenportw@duq.edu Kant's Moral Theory, Virtue Ethics and Bioethics
Nathan Eckstrand eckstrandn@duq.edu Social and Political Philosophy,
Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Derek Elliott elliottd@duq.edu
Jacob Greenstine greenstinea@duq.edu Ancient philosophy (esp. Aristotle's theoretical philosophy), German Idealism (esp. Hegel), early modern Sciences, and contemporary materialisms and realisms.
Justin Habash habashj@duq.edu
Benjamin Hampshire hampshireb@duq.edu Catholic Philosophy, Critical Theory,
Ethics, and History of Philosophy
John Harvey harveyj@duq.edu
Boram Jeong jeongb@duq.edu
Andrew Jussaume jussaumea@duq.edu
Martin Krahn krahnm@duq.edu German Idealism, Philosophy of Nature, Marx and Marxism, History and Philosophy of Science
Fergus Laughland laughlandf@duq.edu
Ryan Lingo lingor@duq.edu
Matthew Lovett lovettm@duq.edu Deleuze, Hegel, Lacan & Psychoanalysis, German Idealism, Philosophy of Art, Women's & Gender Studies.
Stan Marlan marlans@duq.edu
Rev. Christopher Mbogu mbogu887@duq.edu
Eric Mohr mohre@duq.edu Phenomenology, Max Scheler, Ethics, Critical Theory and Social Philosophy
Christopher Murry murryc@duq.edu
Brandon Nelson nelson240@duq.edu
Ryan Pfahl pfahlr@duq.edu
Ariana Ragusa ragusaa@duq.edu
Chris Rawls rawlsc@duq.edu
Early Modern (Spinoza), Critical Race Theory,
Philosophy of Psychology & Education,
Bergson, de Beauvoir, Deleuze
Adam P. Roos roosa@duq.edu
Natalia Rudychev kourdou925@duq.edu
Nalan Sarac saracn@duq.edu
George Shea sheag@duq.edu
Clancy Smith smithc4@duq.edu Pragmatism, Critical Theory
Bethany Somma sommab@duq.edu Platonism, Islamic Philosophy, Nietzsche, philosophy and adoption
Mark Straka strakas@duq.edu
Evan Strevell strevelle@duq.edu
James Taylor taylorj1801@duq.edu Critical Philosophies of Race and Gender, Philosophy of Technology, Martin Heidegger, and Divine Command Theory.
Amy Timko coopera@duq.edu
Dana Trusso johnsond562@duq.edu
Luke Trusso trussol@duq.edu
Matt Valentine valentine944@duq.edu Kant, French Continental Philosophy, Subjectvity and the Science of the Subject.
Becky  Vartabedian vartabedianr@duq.edu Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Philosophy and Mathematics
History of Philosophy
Kelsey Ward wardk1@duq.edu Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy
Katherine Weber weber496@duq.edu
Paul Zipfel zipfelp@duq.edu Phenomenology, Intersubjectivity, Forgiveness, and Evil