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Rhetoric Major

What is Rhetoric

Rhetoric is the study and practice of ethical persuasion. This ancient discipline brings enduring currency through the ages to the marketplace and civic life to engage today's global community.

What courses will I take in this major?

As a Rhetoric major, you will choose from a variety of rhetorically and philosophically grounded courses. These courses include, but are not limited to:

Rhetoric & Philosophy of Communication

  • COMM 220    Approaches to Rhetoric, Religion, & Society
  • COMM 304W Persuasion
  • COMM 342    Environmental Communication
  • COMM 406    Political Communication
  • COMM 423    Communication & Evidence
  • COMM 426    Free Speech & Responsibility
  • COMM 458    Rhetoric & Popular Culture
  • COMM 459    Philosophy of Communication
  • COMM 461    Rhetorical Theory

Rhetorical Performance

  • COMM 102    Public Speaking
  • COMM 303    Presentational Communication Skills

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Where can I intern or get a job?

A major in Rhetoric is ideal if you are interested in law or graduate school, a career in politics, or any vocation where argument and persuasive strategies and skills are important. All Rhetoric majors are encouraged to pursue one or more internships, both as a volunteer and as a for-credit experience. Internship opportunities are available year-round through our departmental Internship Office.