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Undergraduate Colloquia

Spring 2008

January 17:  Louis Butler and Aleksandr Schrenk. "Commentary on Book 4 of Plato's Republic."

Fall 2007

November 29:  Existentialism Colloquium. Organized by Robert Guerin.

Fall 2006

September 21:  Evan Dusheck, “Fichtean Subjectivity.”

October 19:  Doreen Cameron, “Being vs. being in Heidegger's Philosophy.”

Spring 2006

February 15:  Mark Lesher, "Kant's Perpetual Peace."

February 17:  Brandon Ables, "Power and the Problem of Social Justice."

February 17:  Lara Melesky, "In Love with the Nothing: A Heideggerian Critique."

March 2:  Travis Stoops, "Why Man? Man's Placement in Creation According to St. Thomas Aquinas."