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Undergraduate Major

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Requirements for the Second Major

The second major in Women's and Gender Studies is not a free-standing major; that is, it must complement another major, for example, English and WGS, Philosophy and WGS, Nursing and WGS, or Music Performance and WGS.   These are the specific course requirements for the major:

Intro to Women's and Gender Studies 3 credits
Electives in at least two disciplines 21 credits
TOTAL 24 credits

Students must take at least 15 credits above the 200-level.

Students may count toward the major one internship via Career Services that deals with women or gender, with the approval of the WGS Center.

Directed Readings: Students may seek permission from the WGS Steering Committee to take no more than one directed reading course for credit toward the second major.

Second Major Requirements

Course Offerings

Current course descriptions.

The following courses are also offered on a regular basis in the Women's and Gender Studies Center:

WSGS/THEO 201, "Women and Christianity"
WSGS/PSYC 453, "Psychology of Gender"
WSGS/JMA 421, "Sex, Myth, and Media"
WSGS/HIST 433, "Gender in American History"

All courses are cross-listed with departmental offerings. In addition to these regular courses, a number of special topics courses are offered each semester.