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Common Reading


Cover of the book, The common reading for all learning communities for fall 2013 is Maggie Jackson's Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age.

"We have oceans of information at our fingertips, yet we seek knowledge in Yahoo headlines glimpsed on the run. We are networked as never before, but we connect with friends and family via email and fleeting face-to-face moments that are rescheduled a dozen times. Welcome to the land of distraction." - See more.

All learning communities will read Distracted in fall 2013.  Students will have the chance to discuss it in class, write about it, and submit their essays to an all-communities competition.

Head shot of Maggie JacksonOn Thursday, November 7, author Maggie Jackson, a prize-winning journalist, will visit Duquesne for a forum in which she will talk about Distracted.  Writers of the best student essays will lead off the question and answer session that follows and will be invited to dinner with Maggie, Deans Swindal and Stoddard, and their professors afterward.