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Learning Communities

Get off to a great start by being part of a Residential Learning Community! Learning communities create an environment for success for first-year students in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts.

Each community shares:

  • Four integrated courses of study in the fall semester, one or two courses that get you back together in the spring
  • A theme
  • A floor in a residence hall (if you live on campus)

Community members:

  • Get to know faculty members on a personal basis
  • Discover friends and study companions with similar interests
  • Organize study groups quickly and easily
  • Benefit from being taught by a faculty team who connect their courses
  • Take part whether you live on campus or commute

Common reading:

Each year the faculty of the learning communities choose a text for students in all the learning communities to read, study, and discuss. Students write about the text in their own community and join in an all-communities forum to share their views.

For 2015-16 the common text will be Arthur Miller's, Death of a Salesman, which will inaugurate Duquesne's new Genesius Theater. 

    "Studying no longer is boring; the learning community allows you to get feedback from other students.  It helps create study groups easily.  It also helps you become acquainted fast with a group of friends."
    --CIVITAS student

    Choose Your Community

    With no more than 30 student members, communities quickly form their own identity. Each community has a Latin name that captures its emphasis and focus. You can choose the community you prefer, as space allows:

    love, passion, fondness, desire

    Explore the meanings of love in religion, literature and art.

    state, citizenship, city-state

    Prepare to make a difference in community and governance.

    trust, confidence, belief, faith

    Challenge and strengthen your most important beliefs.

    justice, equity, rightness

    Search for truth and justice through evidence in the public sphere.

    telling relating, narrative, story

    Read and create stories.

    circle, the world, the earth

    Study other lands, cultures and states.

    parts, roles, characters, personalities

    Consider how individuals and groups shape one another.

    reckoning, reason, judgment, method

    Ask better questions; work toward more satisfying answers.

    earth, land, ground

    Cultivate compassion for the earth and those that inhabit it.

    For more details:

     Learn about each communities Service-learning project.

    Read the College's Goals for Learning Communities, Testimonials and Reports from past learning communities members.

    Browse our Frequently Asked Questions.