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Learning Communities

Get off to a great start by being part of a Residential Learning Community! Learning communities create an environment for success for first-year students in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts.

Each community shares:

  • Three integrated courses of study in the fall semester.
  • A theme.
  • A floor in a residence hall (if you live on campus).

Community members:

  • Benefit from being taught by a faculty team who connect their courses
  • Get to know faculty members on a personal basis
  • Discover friends and study companions with similar interests
  • Organize study groups quickly and easily
  • Take part whether you live on campus or commute

Choose Your Community

With no more than 22 student members, communities quickly form their own identity. Each community has a Latin name that captures its emphasis and focus. You can choose the community you prefer, as space allows:

Africa Learning Community Icon AFRICA AFST 150C - Intro to African Studies
HIST 231C - Pre-Colonial Africa
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
Amor Learning Community Icon


Explore love, desire, and violence in literature and culture

ENGL 116C - Love and Dystopia
CLSX 225C - Love & Violence in Roman Poetry
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
Artes Learning Community Icon ARTES (AR'-TAYS) creativity, passion, beauty ARHY 112C - Renaissance to Modern
ENGL 205C - Intro to Film
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
Civitas Learning Community Icon


Creating Engaged Citizens in Their Communities, Their Nations, and the World.

POSC 116C - Current Challenges for Liberal Democracies
THEO 264C - Religion & Global Conflict
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing

Justitia Learning Community Icon


Search for truth and justice through evidence in the public sphere.

UCOR 132C - Basic Philosophical Questions
SOCI 103C - Intro to Criminal Justice
Thinking & Writing
 Materiae Learning Community Icon


Exploring the relationship between things and ourselves by thinking and working with objects where ever they are found

ENGL 209C - Fashion & Literature
HIST 224C - History of Things
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
Narratio Learning Community Icon


Engage the world through stories.

ENGL 113C - Literature & Diversity
JMA 140C - Media Literacy
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
Natura Learning Community Icon NATURA PSYC 275C - Psychology & Nature
THEO 248C - Religion & Ecology
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
Orbis Learning Community Icon


Explore the world and learn about other cultures while confronting the human rights challenges that we face.

WDLI 103C - New Voices... Realities
COMM 114C - Exploring Intercultural Comm
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
Ratio Learning Community Icon


Ask better questions; work toward more satisfying answers.

MATH 125C - Fundamentals of Statistics
SOCI 106C - Social Problems & Social Policy
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
 Spectaculum Learning Community Icon


Explore the idea of performance both on stage and in our daily life.

ENGL 203C - Intro to Drama
THEA 151C - Intro to Theater Arts
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing
 Via Learning Community Icon


Travels and Encounters Through Cultures Across the Globe.

ENGL 116C - Travel Narratives
THEO 143C - Global & Cultural Perspectives
UCOR 101C - Thinking & Writing



For more details:

Read the College's Goals for Learning Communities, Testimonials and Reports from past learning communities members.

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions.