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telling, relating, narrative, story

Engage the world through stories.

Director: Dr. Thomas Kinnahan, Department of English


Interpret, analyze, and respond to narratives in many forms, including literature, film, and other media. Learn how narrative techniques are used in multiple disciplines. Develop writing, research, presentation, and critical thinking skills to foster effective communication in a variety of academic and professional fields.

Fall 2016

Literature & Diversity (ENGL 113C), Dr. Tom Kinnahan, English

We will examine ways that authors and filmmakers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds have employed narrative as a form of cultural and artistic expression. The course will survey modes of storytelling as expressed in a variety of media and across multiple cultural traditions.

Media & Society (JMA 240C), Robert Healy, Journalism & Media Arts

Explores the social impact of mass communication through considerations of the (1) functions and uses of all forms of mass communication; (2) socio-political and cultural context of media institutions, delivery systems, technology and diffusion; (3) influence of media content on social constructions of reality; and (4) major theories and research through which we attempt to understand this impact.

Thinking & Writing Across the Curriculum (UCOR 101C)

UCOR 101 is designed to help prepare students for their collegiate and professional careers. To help advance this part of our agenda you will be expected to read and write, a lot, and often. With these twin goals of creating knowledge and preparation for a lifetime of writing in mind, our course will also give special consideration to topics dealing with narration, diversity, journeys, representations of the self, and experiences.

Research and Information Skills (UCOR 100C), Dr. Matthew Ussia, English

Narratio Faculty: Dr. Giselle Auger (left), Dr. Tom Kinnahan (center), and Dr. Matthew Ussia (right)

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NARRATIO resident students live on the exciting new Global Diversity floor in Towers Living-Learning Center, along with students in ORBIS and a number of Duquesne's international students, women in 7A and 7B, men in 8A. NARRATIO students don't need to apply to live on the Global Diversity floor; all NARRATIO students who live on campus get on without having to apply.