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reckoning, reason, judgment, method

Ask better questions; work toward more satisfying answers.

Director: Professor, Sean Tierney  Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (pictured left)

Dean, Dr. James Swindal (center)

Jeff Martin, M.F.A (right)

 View a slide show that explains RATIO's activities 


Fall 2016

Sean Tierney (Math), Dir. MATH 125C Fundamentals of Statistics

Regardless of our professions and interests, we are all consumers of statistics. After all, whether on television, in newspapers, in journal articles, or in the course of daily activities, statistics are an integral part of our everyday lives. For that reason, this course is designed to provide students with information regarding the computation and interpretation of statistical measures.

But more importantly, we will discuss how these measures may be used to evaluate and solve real-world problems, highlighting how statisticians can effect change and make a difference in the lives of others.

Jim Swindal (Philosophy) UCOR 132C Basic Philosophical Questions

Philosophy is meant to open our minds -- which are the source for our dealings with nature, other people, ourselves, and God.  It is meant to unlock our originality and our creativity. Philosophy does not make us just smarter, it makes us able to reach depths in all of our experiences that we otherwise simply would not.

In RATIO, we work with how we develop our thinking about the world we inhabit: the way we understand science, the way we work with the complexity of living with other people in families, work, and society, and how we think about a God knowable through faith.

Jeff Martin UCOR 101C Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum (2 sections) and UCOR 100C Research and Information Skills

We will explore new ways of reading and writing within a constructive, creative, and collaborative classroom environment. We will sharpen our critical thinking, focus on the writing process, and create thoughtful written work. Not only will this class prepare you for the writing you will be required to do over the next four years, it will also prepare you to manage your time, read critically, produce professional-quality work, and move your mindset from high school to college.


See photos of the work students in RATIO did in 2012-13 to help the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank provide better service to people in poor communities.

Watch the video RATIO students made in fall 2011 to showcase their learning community.  Some faculty members have changed, the community engagement has changed, but the sprit of the community is still the same.


RATIO resident students live in St. Martin Living-learning Center.

St. Martin is in the lower right-hand corner of the campus map.