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Film Studies Concentration

Major Requirements

REQUIRED: 30 credits*

CORE REQUIREMENTS: 12 credits, including:

3 credits of ENGL 300W: Critical Issues in Literary Studies

3 credits of ENGL 205: Introduction to Film

6 credits chosen from the following:

  • ENGL 217W: Survey of British Literature I
  • ENGL 218W: Survey of British Literature II
  • ENGL 219W: Survey of American Literature I
  • ENGL 220W: Survey of American Literature II
DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS: 18 credit hours, including:

3 credits at Pittsburgh Filmmakers**

9 credits of film classes, including at least one 400-level film course. One course may be taken at Pittsburgh Filmmakers**

3 credits of a 400-level literature class

3 credits of Senior Seminar

*The list of course descriptions issued each term by the English Dept. will indicate which course offerings may meet the above requirements. In no case may a student use a single course to satisfy two requirements.

**Though courses in filmmaking are not taught at Duquesne University, a course or courses in that field may be taken at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 477 Melwood Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213, 412/681-5499.

If you are an English major with a Film Studies concentration, then you may take as many as two courses in Filmmaking at Pittsburgh Filmmakers toward your degree at Duquesne. Your Duquesne flat rate tuition will cover the two courses at Pittsburgh Filmmakers because of a cooperative agreement between the two institutions.

Before enrolling at Pittsburgh Filmmakers for any course, you must complete a form called: “Application for Approval of Study at Pittsburgh Filmmakers for English Majors with a concentration in Film Studies.” This form must be signed by both the chair of the Duquesne English Department (or an authorized representative) and by your Academic Advisor in the College of Liberal Arts.

You are responsible for transportation to Pittsburgh Filmmakers and for the purchase of any books or materials. You will be charged a course fee by Pittsburgh Filmmakers.