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Mary Pappert School of Music Faculty CDs

Here at the Mary Pappert School of Music, our prestigious faculty are not only exemplary teachers, but are also active performers.  Below are recordings available for purchase by many of these faculty members.

Kenneth Burky, Professor and Chair of Performance and Piano
• Kenneth L. Burky, Piano, Sunday, October 29, 2000 (Item #DUQBUR-1)
Burky performs works by Scarlatti, Beethoven, Brahms, DeBussy and Rachmaninoff.
• Piano Music of Johannes Brahms (Item #DUQBUR-2)
Burky performs ballades, rhapsodies, intermezzi and piano pieces of Brahms.

Catch 22, Duquesne University's Faculty Guitar Ensemble
• Reappearance (Item #DUQCAT-1)
• Sly on Life (Item #DUQCAT-2)

Children's Festival Chorus
• A Children's Festival of Song (Item #DUQCFC-1)

Duquesne Faculty
• Christmas at Duquesne, Vol. I (Item #DUQFAC-1)
• Christmas at Duquesne, Vol. 2 (Item #DUQFAC-2)

James Gorton, Adjunct Professor of Oboe & Gretchen Van Hoesen, Adjunct Professor of Harp
• Pavanes, Pastorales and Serenades for Harp and Oboe (Item #DUQGOR-1)
Boston Records

Guenko Guechev, Assistant Professor and Chair of Voice
• Mussorgsky: Songs and Dances of Death, Shostakovich: Suite on Verses of Michelangelo Op. 145 (Item #DUQGUE-1)
with Susanna Lemberskaya, piano

James Houlik, Professor of Saxophone and Chair of Woodwinds
• Tenor Tapestry (Item #DUQHOU-1)
Aerophon Recordings

Sean Jones, Associate Professor of Jazz Studies
• Eternal Journey (Item #DUQJON-1)
Mack Avenue Records
• Gemini (Item #DUQJON-2)
Mack Avenue Records
• Roots (Item #DUQJON-3)
Mack Avenue Records
• Kaleidoscope (Item #DUQJON-4)
Mack Avenue Records
• The Search Within (Item #DUQJON-5)
Mack Avenue Records
• No Need for Words (Item #DUQJON-6)
Mack Avenue Records

Ken Karsh, Adjunct Professor of Guitar
• Ventana (Item #DUQJKAR-1)
Alanna Records
• Conversations (Item #DUQKAR-1)
Alanna Records

Ann Labounsky, Professor of Organ and Chair of Sacred Music
• The Complete Works of Jean Langlais, Volume 9 (Item #DUQLAB-1)
Labounsky continues her recordings of the great French composer's works for the Musical Heritage Society. Volumes 1 through 8 are also available. Musical Heritage Society
• Life and Music of Jean Langlais DVD (Item #DUQLAB-2)
Host and Artist Ann Labounsky, Professor of organ and chair of sacred music
A production of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

Joe Negri, Adjunct Professor of Guitar
• Guitars for Christmas (Item #DUQNEG-1)
• Mass of Hope - A Mass in the Jazz Idiom (Item #DUQNEG-2)
Negri's original mass featuring John Kramar and Maureen Budway.
• Uptown Elegance(Item #DUQNEG-3)
• Dream Dancing (Item #DUQNEG-4)

Sammy Nestico
• This is the Moment (Item #DUQNES-1)

The Pappert Players featuring Sean Jones
• Toot Suite Revisited (Item #DUQPAP-1) $10.00

Sr. Charleen Pavlik, Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy
• A Shelter of Wings (Item #DUQPAV-1)

Lynn Purse, Assistant Professor of Music Technology
• Trees of Righteousness (Item #DUQPUR-1)
Commissioned and performed for the 125th Anniversary of Duquesne University. Written for Chorus, Bass-Baritone soloist, and six instruments. Performed by soloist Guenko Guechev and the Duquesne University Chamber Singers under the direction of Rebecca Rollett.

Sr. Carole Riley, Professor of Piano and Music Education (Please note, all CDs are individually priced)
• Rejection: How Do I Deal With It? (2 CD set) (Item #DUQRIL-1) $20.95
Sr. Riley is not only a musician, but also a spiritual director who has published dozens of inspirational recordings. This series with a listener's guide, published by Alba House Communications, features the music of songwriter and musician Charles Shaaf, a former student of Bill Purse, chair of guitar and music technology.
• When I Feel Guilty: Experiencing God (2 CD set) (Item #DUQRIL-2) $22.95
• Good Mourning: Helping Children to Grieve Death and to Move Toward Healing (2 CD set) (Item #DUQRIL-3) $26.95
• Companioning Children in Terminal Illness and Dying (2 CD set) (Item #DUQRIL-4) $26.95
• Personal Struggles, Conflicts, and Spiritual Growth (2 CD set) (Item #DUQRIL-5) $26.95
• Healing Resentment and Hurts: Through Gratitude (3 CD set) (Item #DUQRIL-6) $23.95
• Music as Personal Prayer (3 CD set) (Item #DUQRIL-7) $22.95
• Music and Inner Healing (3 CD set) (Item #DUQRIL-8) $25.95

Voices of Spirit, Pappert Men's and Women's Chorales, The Pappert Chorale, University Singers
• Songs of Faith and Spirit (Item #DUQVPC-1)

David Stock, Professor Emeritus
• Mountain Roads (Item #DUQSTO-1)
The Transcontinental Saxophone Quartet performs Stock's composition, Sax Appeal.

(Duquesne University) Symphony Orchestra
• Symphony No. 2 in E Minor, Op.27 Rachmaninoff (Item #DUQDSO-1)

Mike Tomaro, Associate Professor of Music and Chair of Jazz Studies
• Dancing Eyes (Item #DUQTOM-1)
• Night Owl Suite (Item #DUQTOM-2)

George Vosburgh, Adjunct Professor of Trumpet
• Trumpeter's Heritage (Item #DUQVOS-1)
• Trumpet Masterworks (Item #DUQVOS-2)
Featuring Alaine Fink, piano and Tami Fire, mezzo soprano
Four Winds

(Duquesne University) Wind Symphony
• Duquesne University Wind Symphony, New York State Band Directors Association, 2005 (Item #DUQWSM-1)
Robert C. Cameron, Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Chair of Ensembles
Donald McKinney
Donald Hunsberger
• Duquesne University Wind Symphony, MENC Eastern Division Convention, 2001 (Item #DUQWSM-2)
Robert C. Cameron, Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Chair of Ensembles
Music Educators National Conference Convention, Washington, DC, 2000 also available.
• College Band Directors National Association Convention, 1998 (Item #DUQWSM-3)
Robert C. Cameron, Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Chair of Ensembles
• The Winds of Summer - Music of Duqesne Composers (Item #DUQWSM-4)
Robert C. Cameron, Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Chair of Ensembles

David Allen Wehr, Holder of the Jack W. Geltz Distinguished Piano Chair at the Mary Pappert School of Music
The music school's first endowed chair has released recordings of the piano performances that have captivated audiences in 30 countries Produced by Connoisseur Society.
• Joe Utterback: Concert Fantasy on Gershwin's Porgy and Bess (Item #DUQWEH-1)
(with other Utterback transcriptions and originals)
• Frederick Delius: Three Sonatas for Violin and Piano, Music for Solo Piano (Item #DUQWEH-2)
(with Galina Heifitz)
• Ludwig van Beethoven: Moonlight, Pathétique, Hammerklavier Sonatas (Item #DUQWEH-3)
• Johannes Brahms: Waltzes for Piano Duet and Hungarian Dances (Item #DUQWEH-4)
(with Cynthia Raim)
• Claude DeBussy: Two Arabesques, Suite Bergamasque, Children's Corner, Estampes, Reverie, Valse Romantique, La plus que lente, Berceuse béroïque (Item #DUQWEH-5)
• Sergei Rachmaninoff: Suites for Two Pianos, Duets, op. 11, Prelude in C-sharp minor) (Item #DUQWEH-6)
(with Cynthia Raim)
• Frederic Chopin: 21 Nocturnes (2-CD Set) (Item #DUQWEH-7)
• Charles T. Griffes: Roman Sketches, Sonata, Fantasy Pieces, Tone Pictures (Item #DUQWEH-8)
• Franz Liszt: Transcriptions from Wagner Operas (Item #DUQWEH-9)
• Schumann: Symphonic Etudes, Davidsbundlertanze; Czerny: Art of Finger Dexterity, Book I (Item #DUQWEH-10)
• Rachmaninoff: Fantasy Pieces, Opus 3 (Item #DUQWEH-11)
• Beethoven's 32 Piano Sonatas: Volume One (2-CD Set) (Item #DUQWEH-12)
• Beethoven's 32 Piano Sonatas: Volume Two (2-CD Set) (Item #DUQWEH-13)
• Beethoven's 32 Piano Sonatas: Volume Three (2-CD Set) (Item #DUQWEH-14)