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Graduate Admissions

Applicants for the graduate division must successfully complete the music school graduate application process. An audition is required for all performance oriented programs. All applicants must have completed an adequate undergraduate preparation in order to apply (normally a bachelor's degree, a college-level conservatory diploma or their foreign equivalent in music). Additional requirements pertinent to each graduate degree program may be required. Please see the admission requirements of your intended degree track.

To schedule an audition, email the Director of Music Admissions, Troy Centofanto at musicadmissions@duq.edu. Be sure to include your full name, mailing address, phone number, instrument, intended degree of study, and planned semester of enrollment. Arrangements to schedule auditions must be made at least two weeks in advance of the desired date.


After all application materials have been reviewed and evaluated, the Mary Pappert School of Music will issue the applicant an official statement of acceptance or rejection. Admission to the Graduate Division does not guarantee ultimate degree candidacy. Degree candidacy will be automatic upon completion of 12 credits in required courses with at least a 3.0 average. At the discretion of the Director of Graduate Studies, a personal interview may be required of any applicant before admission.

Types of Admission

Applicants will be granted admission in the following ways:

1. Formal

Full and unconditional admission into a graduate degree program.

2. Conditional - Duquesne University Students

Applicants registered in the Mary Pappert School of Music who require no more than 12 semester hours for the completion of their baccalaureate studies may apply for conditional acceptance. Upon successful completion of the bachelor’s degree, formal acceptance will be automatic, provided that all other admission requirements for the specific graduate program have been met.

Duquesne University Students Campus Courtesy

Especially qualified students within 12 semester hours of the completion of their baccalaureate studies may be granted conditional acceptance with permission to take graduate courses applicable to the master’s degree. Normally, only courses numbered 500-599 are offered, subject to the approval of both the instructor and the Director of Graduate Studies. The maximum number of credits thus earned shall not exceed six hours. Upon successful completion of the bachelor’s degree, formal acceptance will be automatic, provided that all other admission requirements for the specific graduate program have been met.

Students from other Institutions

Qualified applicants from other institutions who file their applications during the final year of work toward a bachelor’s degree may be granted conditional acceptance. Formal admission will be granted upon subsequent filing of a satisfactory supplementary transcript showing the degree awarded.

3. Temporary Transfer

This is granted to a student in good standing in any recognized graduate school who wishes to enroll in the Mary Pappert School of Music for any one term or summer session and who plans to return thereafter to his or her former college or university. The student’s graduate dean must provide a statement that he or she is in good academic standing, and must give written approval for the student’s temporary transfer to Duquesne.

4. Special Status

Music Education students who need credits for certification, and other students who do not wish to become degree candidates may be given special permission to register for courses, pending the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies and the professor(s) concerned. Credits thus accrued will not be counted toward a graduate degree unless all required application materials for formal admission have been submitted, evaluated, and approved.

5. Doctoral Courtesy

Scholars who have attained doctoral status from this or other recognized universities and who wish to continue study in special fields may be permitted to attend individual courses subject to the permission of the instructor in charge. No official record will be made of the work done. If credit and/or official transcript are desired, regular admission procedures must be followed.

6. Auditor

With the permission of the School, auditors may attend certain courses provided they pay regular rates per semester hour. Under no circumstances will credit be allowed for such attendance.


New graduate students will be required to take an examination covering music history/ literature and theory/ analysis. The exam is given online, and is for diagnostic and advisement purposes.