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Lending Library of Instruments and Materials

One goal of the Early Childhood Music Initiative is to inform and educate preschool directors, teachers, and early childhood caregivers about ways to incorporate music into the daily lives of children. ECMI offers a lending library of instruments and musical materials to preschools and early childhood centers interested in implementing music into instruction. Since preschools are not able to have music specialists on staff and are not often equipped with musical materials, this program provides a special musical treat for children to actively experience music. This program allows directors and teachers to sign-out instrument kits, complete with lesson plans and instructions, for approximately two weeks. Kits focus on specific musical skills, as well as classroom themes. Available kits for borrowing are listed below:

Exploring Instruments: This kit contains a variety of unpitched percussion instruments, such as hand drums, rhythm sticks, cabasas, egg shakers, guiros, sandblocks, and more! Children can explore and discover different instrumental timbres and create sound effects to stories. These instruments can also be used for steady beat and rhythmic activities. Instructions and helpful hints for teachers are provided.
Exploring Voices: This kit contains a Snowy the Owl puppet, vocal exploration aids, and step bells to help children with vocal inflection and singing in tune. Instructions and helpful hints for teachers are provided.
Keep a Steady Beat: Children can develop a strong sense of beat with a small stuffed friend named Lovey Bear, heart icons to represent the heartbeat, hand drums, rhythm sticks, and a lollipop drum. A CD of listening examples is also included. Lesson ideas are provided.
Winter Music: Continue your wintertime classroom themes by incorporating music, movement, and children's books. This kit includes hand drums, wind chimes, a Snowy the Owl puppet, snowflake manipulatives, a recording of the song High and Low, and various winter-related children's books. Lesson plans are included.
Spring Music: Springtime themes can be reinforced with this kit. Songs focusing on rain, planting seeds, and springtime weather are included. This kit also includes a variety of instruments, children's books, rainbow ribbons, and manipulatives focusing on this exciting time of year.

Preschool personnel interested in obtaining materials must fill out a request form and email it to Items can be picked up and dropped off at the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University. Upon receipt of the request form, an ECMI Project Coordinator will be in touch with interested teachers/directors. Please click here to download the request form.