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Annual Clearances

Acts 151, 34, 114; Negative TB Test

Clearances are required for the safety of school children, and for the adults who interact with them. In accordance with participating school districts and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Music Education Department requires that all students submit current copies of their four clearances—on an annual basis—to the Music Education Office. Current clearances must be on file in order to:

  1. Pass MUED 090 Music Education Seminar and/or MUED 487 Senior Seminar, and
  2. Receive placements for Field Experiences (Pre-Student Teaching) or Student Teaching.

To submit your current (or updated) clearances, please bring photocopies to the Music Education Office (Room 223).

Copies of clearances may also be placed in the Music Education mailbox (Main Office). Please check your original copies, or the Blackboard site for your seminar (Music Education Seminar or Senior Seminar) for expiration dates. Please contact the Music Education Office at 412-396-6085, or by e-mail at mused@duq.edu, if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Act 151: Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Guidelines . . .

  • Download Form CY-113:
  • Follow the instructions provided on the first part of the above link. (Check “School” for Step 8.)
  • Mailing directions are on the top of the form; processing time is approximately three weeks.
  • Provide a photocopy of your clearance, once it is processed and returned to you by the Department of Public Welfare. (Remember, keep the original and provide a photocopy to the Music Education Office.)

Act 34: Pennsylvania Criminal Records Check

Guidelines . . .

  • Go to this link:
  • Continue to the page, "Submit A New Record Check."
  • Read through "Terms and Conditions"; click the "Accept" button.
  • Complete the form—go to “Education” when at "Reason for Request.”
  • You will be prompted to pay $10 by credit card.
  • If you wish to mail in your request and check, go to the top right of the screen under the "Help" menu and download Form SP4-164.

Act 114: FBI Criminal History Record

The fingerprint-based background check is a multiple-step process . . .

  • Applicants must register prior to going to the fingerprint site. (Walk-in service without prior registration is not provided.) Registration can be completed online or over the phone: online is available 24/7 at www.pa.cogentid.com; phone is available at 1-888-439-2486 Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm EST. All demographic data for the applicant is collected during the registration process: name, address, SSN, etc. (Data entry is therefore not required at the fingerprint collection site.)
  • A fee of $38.50 is charged for the fingerprint service and the Criminal History Report Investigation. This fee includes a paper copy of the report, which must be requested at the time of registration. (This is the only access you will have to a paper copy of your report.)
  • Submit a photocopy of your report to the Music Education Office.

Negative TB Test Results

Complete the TB Test at Duquesne University’s Office of Health Services* (2nd Floor, Union; 412-396-1650), or at your personal physician’s office. (If you complete the test at the Office of Health Service, the cost is $10.) Once your test is completed, please submit a photocopy of your results—verifying negative TB—to the Music Education Office (Room 223). Thank you.

* Staff members from the Office of Health Services will be at the School of Music early in the fall semester to administer TB tests and provide test results. Specific dates, times, and location(s) will be sent ca. late-August to all music education students via e-mail. Students may, however, elect to go directly to the Office of Health Services (or their own personal physicians.)