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Student Account Information

All student billing and account information such as your balance, payment history, etc., is available by contacting Student Accounts at 412-396-6585. In addition, Duquesne University’s email account is the official channel through which a student receives all account notifications.


2011-2012 Graduate Tuition

Tuition Per Credit

(Part Time, Overload, Graduate) $1,113.00


Non-refundable Application Fee $50
University Services Fee Per Credit Hour (Part-time, Overload, Graduate) $88 per credit
Continuous Registration Fee $521
International Services Fee $125
Credit by Examination (per course credit hour) $30
Auditor's Fee - Same as those taking the course credit
Thesis Filing Fee:

Music Performance, no fee.  All Other Majors, microfilm fee for $20 dollars required for all majors except performance. For publishing of the ETD, there are two methods -- Traditional publishing, no publishing fees; Open Access publishing ,the fee is $95 (Open Access means that the ETD will go into the database published by ProQuest

Important: Registrations will not be processed or recognized as official registrations unless satisfactory financial arrangements have been finalized. This may be accomplished by: 1) Making payment in full to the cashier at or prior to the close of final registration, or 2) Utilizing the student financing program at final registration.

Delay or postponement of payment will cause forfeiture of class places obtained. All charges and computations made at final registration will be computer audited. Resulting corrections will either be credited to the student's account for overpayment or billed to the student for underpayment.

The University reserves the right to change the tuition and fees listed herein at any time.


Duquesne University requires all full time students to have health insurance. This requirement recognizes the increasing importance of health insurance to every individual. Most students have coverage under existing family coverage and will not be affected by this requirement other than to demonstrate they have coverage. Those who do not otherwise have coverage will be required to purchase a policy offered by the University at the beginning of the academic year. This requirement, or Hard Waiver, will allow the University to offer as comprehensive and cost effective a plan as possible to all full time students. Those students who demonstrate that they have coverage from any other source will not be required to purchase the University-sponsored plan.

Room & Board


Graduate Double Room (Per Semester) $4,738.00

Graduate Single Room (Per Semester) $5,989.00

Graduate students should apply directly to the Office of Residence Life. The University requires a prepayment of $300 to accompany all room reservations and renewals. Reservations are made on an annual basis from August to May. Rooms may be occupied at the time of orientation or registration. All students occupying rooms in the University residence halls are required to take a University meal plan.

There are three residential meal options that are included in the room and board fees for those students residing in Assumption, Towers, St. Ann, St. Martin and Vickroy Halls:

10 meals + $245 Flex Dollars
14 meals + $145 Flex Dollars
19 meals + $65 Flex Dollars

"Flex Dollars" is a debit system that can be used at any campus dining facility.

Regular session room and board is $4,738.00 for single rooms and $5,989.00 for double rooms per semester, as of the Fall of 2010. The Living/Learning Centers are closed during vacation (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and Easter) periods.

On-campus housing is not available for married students. Those students not desiring on-campus housing may seek housing in the Pittsburgh community.

For more information about housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 412.396.6655.


Tuition and Fees: Students who completely withdraw from the University for a satisfactory reason within four weeks after the opening of the semester are entitled to a proportionate refund of tuition provided they officially notify their dean in writing at the time of withdrawal. Refunds are made in accordance with the following schedule: withdrawal within the first two weeks of class, 80% refund; third week, 40% refund; fourth week, 20% refund; after the fourth week, no refund. During the Summer Session, tuition refunds are made according to the following schedule: withdrawal first week of class, 60% refund; second week, 20% refund; after the second week, no refund; fees are not refundable (based on a six-week session standard).

No refunds will be made in the case of students who are requested to withdraw as a result of faculty or University action

Room and Board: No refund of room charges will be made where withdrawal occurs after the opening of class. In the event of withdrawal, board will be refunded at the rate of 75% of the balance left on the student's meal plan up until mid-semester. After the mid-semester point, no refund will be made.

A student is only considered to have vacated a residence hall when he or she has returned his or her room key and ID Card, has signed out, and left a forwarding address.


Effective October 2005, paper bills were discontinued. The Duquesne University email account is the official channel through which a student receives notification regarding for all items billed to the student's account.

eBills are online student billing statements that display the same information as the traditional billing statements. eBills can be accessed through Web Advisor's Make a Payment/View Monthly Statements link, under View Accounts. Payments may be made online, either by eCheck (safe, secure way to electronically pay from checking or savings account) or a credit card.

For more information on eBills, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 412.396.6585.

Billing Problems

Billing statements should be taken to the appropriate office for an explanation or correction of these billing matters:

Student Accounts Office - 208 Administration Building

Balance Forward

Financial Aid Office - Ground Floor Administration Building

Employer Billings
Federal Loans
Financial Aid Awards
Guaranteed Loans

Student Accounts Office - 208 Administration Building

Student Financing Program (Deferred Payment Plan)

Residence Life Office - Ground Floor Assumption Hall

Housing Reservations and Charges