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The schedule below is subject to change.

Day 1
10:00 AM - 12 Noon

Camp Registration, Band Room

12 Noon - 3:00PM

Masterclass: "Night and Day"


"Love Thy Instrument"

Information on instrument care and maintenance. Overview of the anatomy of the types of timpani most commonly used.

Day 2
9AM-12 Noon

"Jauvon's da Man"

Masterclass with Jauvon.


"Ed's da Man"

Masterclass with Ed.

Day 3
9:00AM-12 Noon

"All About the Cow"

Jauvon discusses the use of calfskin heads, the advantages and challenges they offer, and demonstrates the process for head tucking.


"Let Baby Cows Live!"

Ed discusses the use of plastic heads, the advantages and challenges they offer, and demonstrates the proper head mounting and clearing process.


"Pedal to the Metal"

Ed presents fun and interesting ways to develop excellent pedal technique and a refined ear, including playing the bass parts along to classic rock tunes. Wear your faded 80's Levi's!


"Decoding Timpani Auditions"

Ed and Jauvon present their individual approaches to preparing for and taking orchestral timpani auditions.

Day 4

Repertoire class with Jauvon.

12 Noon-2:00PM

Repertoire class with Ed.


"Lufty's da Man!"

Jeff Luft visits and gives an in-depth tutorial on how to become a master mallet wrapper. Pay attention, folks. There's nobody better.


Dinner Party and Hang, compliments of Ed and Jauvon.

Day 5
9:00AM - 11:00AM

"The Solo Timpanist?...huh?"

The class will be taken trhough a selected solo and explore the possibilities for making the timpani sound interesting and compeling as a solo instrument.


Practice and warm-up time available for mock audition participants.


"So You Think You Can Play?" Mock Audition.

Repertoire will be announced ahead of the camp. Prizes for winner and runner-up!