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Undergraduate Admission Process

Admissions Procedures - University Admissions

All applicants for undergraduate admission to the Mary Pappert School of Music must complete the standard University undergraduate admissions application form and supply all other documentation required by the University Office of Admissions. School of Music applicants must also complete an audition*. Applicants are expected to appear in person. While students may submit a recorded performance for review and evaluation (DVD or YouTube recordings are preferred), the audition process cannot be finalized until all testing has been completed.

Learn more about our audition process

* Applicants for Post-baccalaureate Certification in Music Education or Music Therapy are not required to complete the formal audition process.  Individual musicianship appointments are required.  For more information regarding these requirements, please contact the Chair of Music Education or the Chair of Music Therapy.

Acceptance Policies

Entrance to the Mary Pappert School of Music requires acceptance by both the University Office of Admissions and the School of Music. Acceptance by the School of Music requires successful completion of the audition.

Applicants will receive notification of acceptance to the School of Music, usually within one week of the audition, with official written confirmation mailed from the Duquesne University Admissions Office at a later date.

Transfer Students

Music transfer students are welcome at the Mary Pappert School of Music for both the fall and spring semesters. Applicants are required  to complete the formal audition process and the University application process. In addition, transfer forms for the School of Music and the University must also be completed:

Music School Transfer Form

University Transfer Form

Students who are anticipating transferring music credits are encouraged to submit their transcripts to the Director of Music Admissions for preliminary review. Submission of supporting documents such as syllabi and course descriptions, and placement testing may be required. The School of Music generally accepts credits from an equally (NASM) accredited college or university that corresponds to the music school curriculum and in which you have earned a grade of C or higher. For additional information on transferring to Duquesne University, please see the University transfer web page.

Internal Transfers

Duquesne University students who intend to (internally) transfer into the music school are required to complete the formal audition process and an interview with the applicable area chair.  To schedule an audition and interview, please contact the Director of Music Admissions.