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Undergraduate Honors Program

The Undergraduate Honors Program in the Biological Sciences

We are in the ninth year of The Honors Program in Biological Sciences with 25 students completing the program and six current students. This program is designed to provide Biology students with a stronger undergraduate experience in the major, including the opportunity to conduct an independent research project under the tutelage of a faculty member in Department of Biological Sciences, to write an honors thesis, and to participate in a seminar course designed for the Honors Program.

As a member, you will be able to combine your knowledge from courses with a firsthand understanding of experimental Biology. You will interact one-on-one with a faculty mentor, graduate students, and other undergraduate students. You will gain experience in discussing science and communicating with others.

Requirements for Admission into the Honors Program

1) Biology major

2) GPA of 3.3 or better in math and sciences by the end of the sophomore year

3) A completed application for the program. This includes:

  1. A one-page statement describing why this experience is important for you and your future plans.
  2. Your resume.
  3. Your transcripts.

Requirements for Graduation with Honors in Biological Sciences:

1) At least three semesters of research in the lab of a Biology faculty Honors mentor. Summer is equivalent to a semester. A student currently working in a lab can carry out Honors Research in that lab. Alternately, we will help students find a lab for their Honors Research. View the faculty members in the Department of Biological Sciences.

2) Credits for research (2-4 credits) taken as honors research (BIOL 415H).

3) A written honors thesis (2 credits) approved by your faculty advisor. (Fall or Spring of your senior year.) (BIOL 416H, Honors Thesis)

4) Presentation of a seminar on your research. The seminar may be given as part of the departmental seminar series with all other undergraduate researchers or as part of the regular Honors Seminar.

5) Two credits of honors seminar taken during the junior and senior years (BIOL 414H, Honors Seminar). The students present journal articles, discuss ethical issues, visit with invited speakers, etc.

6) The maintenance of a GPA of 3.5 or better overall and 3.3 or better in math and science at graduation.

Acceptance into the Program

Acceptance into the program will be decided by the departmental Honors Committee — Dr. Mary Alleman and Dr. Nancy Trun. For questions regarding the program or admittance, please contact the chairman of the honors program, Dr. Mary Alleman, 206 Mellon Hall, alleman@duq.edu.

All students may apply for a summer research fellowship through the Bayer School Undergraduate Research Program.