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Faculty and Staff

Center for Biotechnology


Dr. Alan SeadlerDr. Alan W. Seadler
Director, Center for Biotechnology

Edward V. Fritzky Chair in Biotechnology Leadership
Associate Academic Vice President for Research

Entreprenurial activity in the biomedical industry, translational research, product research and development.

421 Health Sciences Building
Office Phone: 412.396.1568
Email: seadlera@duq.edu


Dr. Philip E. Auron
Professor of Biological Sciences

Eukaryotic gene regulation and signal transduction.

Office Phone: 412.396.5657
Email: auronp@duq.edu


Photo of Dr. Jeffry Madura Dr. Jeffry D. Madura
Professor of Chemistry
Theoretical models for the study of the structure, function and dynamics of biological systems.

Office Phone: 412-396-6341 (Voice)
Office Phone: 412-396-4129 (Voice)
Fax: 412-396-5683
Email: madura@duq.edu

Dr. Peter Castric
Professor of Biological Sciences

Vaccines and bacterial pathogenesis.

Office Phone: 412.396.6319
Email: castric@duq.edu

Dr. Aleem Gangjee
Professor of  Medicinal Chemistry

Cancer drug development and discovery.

Office Phone: 412.396.6070
Email: gangjee@duq.edu


Dr. Jelena Janjic
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Design, synthesis, formulation and biological testing of multifunctional nanoreagents with focus on molecular imaging and drug delivery.

Office Phone:  412-396-6369
Email:  janjicj@duq.edu


Dr. Wilson S.  Meng
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Peptide immunotherapy, T-cell epitope prediction, dendritic cell biology, cancer genetic immunization.

Office Phone: 412.396.6366
Fax: 412.396.4660
Email: meng@duq.edu

Dr. Christopher K. Surratt
Division Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Structure - function studies on brain receptors for opiates and psychostimulants, toward rational design of pharmacotherapies to combat physical dependence and addiction.

Office Phone: 412.396.5007
Fax: 412.396.4660
Email: surratt@duq.edu

Dr. Paula A. Witt-Enderby
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Mechanisms underlying human melatonin receptor function and regulation using recombinant cell culture models.

Office Phone: 412.396.4346
Email: wittp@duq.edu

Graduate Advisor

Heather CostelloHeather Costello
Senior Academic Advisor: Graduate Students

100 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6339
Email: costelloh@duq.edu