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American Chemical Society Student Members

Congratulations to Our Award-Winning ACS Student Members Organization!

Outstanding Student Chapter ACS Award for FIVE Years in a Row!

Green Chemistry Chapter ACS Award for the SECOND Year in a Row!

ACS logoOur Student Member ACS chapter is an academic, social, and service organization open to all science majors who strive to attain academic and professional success at Duquesne. Our mission is to create professional and networking opportunities that engage our undergraduate students, to serve as the centralized core of learning and activities in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and to make chemistry more accessible to the students and public.

For the 2016-2017 year, the organization is operated by an executive board made up of 13 undergraduates. Membership has grown from 12 students in 2008 to more than 120 as of 2016! Our student chapter has received national recognition from the national ACS office since 1998 and the highest "Outstanding" award 18 times!

The student member ACS chapter at Duquesne organizes various activities on campus, such as "wack-a-professor" on Mole day, pizza parties, charity fundraisers, and hosting the Spring ACS regional Symposium for students. The organization also holds an extensive and expanding presence off campus. Our organization fosters an environment where members can develop and enrich their leadership and communication skills, while serving the surrounding community.

Our Mission

  • Promote undergraduate research and professional development for Duquesne students.
  • Advocate for chemistry and foster curiosity for K-12 students in the Pittsburgh region.
  • Create networking experiences and instill broader impacts for acadmeic and industrial chemistry.

Find Out More!

For more information, visit the Duquesne University American Chemical Society Student Members (http://www.scienceresearch.duq.edu/chem/chemdept/DUQ_ACS/home.html) website.

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