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Fast Facts

Mission Statement

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry integrates unique, hands-on research training with exceptional education to promote the personal, intellectual, and professional growth of students at all levels, empowering them to impact society positively.


Fast Facts 2013-2014

Representative placement of our 2013-2014 graduates:

Cal Tech, Johns Hopkins, University of Arizona, University of Pittsburgh

* Includes 13 BA Biochemistry students in the Forensic Science and Law program who will go on to earn an MS in Forensics


Fast Facts Table

Representative placement of our 2012-2013 graduates:

Boston University Medical School, Carnegie-Mellon, Duke, University of Pittsburgh, Wayne State, Yale Medical School (NSF Fellow), Yale School of Public Health, Bayer (3), PPG (2).

Fast Graphs Chart


Fast Facts Table 2011-2012

Representative placement of our 2011-2012 graduates:

Cornell, Michigan, Northwestern (NSF Fellow), Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh, PPG.


Fast Facts Table 2010-2011

Representative placement of our 2010-2011 graduates:

Boston College (NSF Fellow), Cornell, Harvard (NSF Fellow), Michigan (2).