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Dr. Ellen GawaltDr. Ellen Gawalt
Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemical modification of metal oxide surfaces used in biomaterials

Office Phone: 412.396.4709
Email: gawalte@duq.edu


Dr. Jennifer Aitken
Elucidation of new crystal structures, synthesis and study of novel solid state materials

Office Phone: 412.396.1670
Email: aitkenj@duq.edu

Dr. Bruce BeaverDr. Bruce Beaver
Reactions of molecular oxygen with indole and carbazole derivatives

Office Phone: 412.396.5851
Email: beaver@duq.edu

Dr. Michael Cascio
Associate Professor

Office Phone: 412.396.1894
Email: casciom@duq.edu

Dr. Jeffrey EvanseckDr. Jeffrey D. Evanseck
Fr. Joseph Lauritis Chair of Teaching and Technology

Theoretical Biophysical and Physical Organic Chemistry

Office Phone: 412.396.6337
Email: evanseck@duq.edu

Dr. Paul G. Johnson
Assistant Professor

Chemical education

Office Phone: 412.396.6615
Email: johnson1@duq.edu

Dr. Shahed Khan
Associate Professor


Office Phone: 412.396.1647
Email: khan@duq.edu

Dr. Skip KingstonDr. H. M. (Skip) Kingston

Environmental analysis using ICP-MS

Office Phone: 412.396.5564
Email: kingston@duq.edu

Dr. Jeffry MaduraDr. Jeffry Madura

Computational studies on the structure and function of enzymes

320 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4129
Email: madura@duq.edu

Dr. Rita MihailescuDr. Rita Mihailescu

Protein-nucleic acid interactions; NMR spectroscopy

Office Phone: 412.396.1430
Email: mihailescum@duq.edu

Dr. Alicia Paterno Parsi
Assistant Professor


Office Phone: 412.396.1121
Email: paterno@duq.edu

Dr. Tomislav Pintauer

Inorganic, Organometallic and Polymer Chemistry

Office Phone: 412.396.1626
Email: pintauert@duq.edu

Dr. David W. Seybert

Regulation of enzymes involved in steroid hormone biosynthesis

Office Phone: 412.396.6465
Email: seybert@duq.edu

Dr. Michael Van StipdonkDr. Michael Van Stipdonk
Associate Professor
Mass Spectrometry and Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry

Office Phone: 412.396.4923
Email: vanstipdonkm@duq.edu

Dr. Stephanie J. Wetzel
Assistant Professor

Analytical and Forensic Chemistry

Office Phone: 412.396.4222
Email: wetzels@duq.edu

Scholars in Residence

Scott FaberDr. Scott Faber

Scholar in Residence

Dr. Antonio M. FerreiraDr. Antonio M. Ferreira

Scholar in Residence

Office Phone: 412.396.6340

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Omar Steward
Professor Emeritus

Synthesis of coordination polymers, the effect of ligand structure on coordination geometry, and use of organosilicon

Office Phone: 412.396.6338
Email: steward@duq.edu