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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Reports

Duquesne is the first university in western Pennsylvania and one of only a few in the state to conduct biennial Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories on the University's carbon footprint. The University has played a leading role in moving other schools in the region to undertake similar studies and to direct the region as a whole toward environmental stewardship.

Dr. Stanley Kabala, associate director of CERE, is principal investigator of the graduate-level project.

The University’s carbon footprint, which is based upon all gases emitted, has been substantially the smallest of all Atlantic 10 Conference schools conducting similar studies.

2011 Greenhouse Gas Emmissions Report

The results of our third greenhouse gas inventory - covering the years 2009 and 2010 and published in 2011 - were encouraging despite the slight increase in emissions from 2008. We are continuing to become more accurate in portraying the realistic carbon footprint of Duquesne University, while identifying further reduction strategies. As a result of this year's inventory, we were able to identify student commuting as a high priority target for future reductions. By increasing alternative transportation for students, Duquesne could make significant reductions to the campus carbon footprint.

2011 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report

Previous Reports

Duquesne University’s second greenhouse gas emissions inventory, 2009 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report, conducted by the Center for Environmental Research and Education in the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, shows a decrease in the University’s carbon footprint, despite a physical growth in campus and an increase in the student body.

The 2008 report One Step at a Time: Duquesne’s Second Biennial Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory discovered that the University’s carbon footprint dropped to approximately 4.0 metric tons per student in 2008 from 4.6 metric tons per student in 2006.  2008 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report