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Academic Content

“Things change every day and whatever amount of knowledge someone may have is never enough. It is absolutely essential to continue learning and adapting. The fact of the matter is that you do learn something every day, and if you don’t, you should. Also, people and society can always be improved. It is important to always self-evolve and figure out how to grow as a person, and as a society. This is a simple thing to do. Never assume you know all there is to know about anything, always listen and consider other points of view, never assume and never judge. Learning new things is fun. Keeping an open mind, and broad interests will make learning easy. I pretty much have agreed with everything we have gone over in this class. Most of it I have been taught, and practiced my whole life, but I got to see the same material from different perspectives, which is always beneficial. I am glad we are required to take this course because I would not have otherwise, for one reason or another.”

— Alexander Bearer, B.S. Physics 2012, M.S. Education

“The service learning process has allowed me to integrate my research and scientific interests into the community of Pittsburgh. I was given the opportunity to volunteer at spay/neuter clinics as well as the rescue hose set-up for the feral and recovering felines of extreme hoarding. I was pleased my academic goals could be put to practical use during my undergraduate education.”

— Chelsey Tressler, B.S. Biology May 2011

“In all, this class was definitely a learning experience. The service experience was helpful in learning about how others view science and scientists in general. I learned what qualities are important for leadership. I learned different items to consider during service opportunities and learned there are different ways to give back through science. It is important to consider not just one, but all academic objectives and action performance objectives when participating in a service learning project. “

— Michelle Glaid, B.S. Biology May 2011, M.S. Education