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Frankie & Friends Cat House


students working at the Cat HouseIn 2009, Dr. Rebecca Morrow, a Duquesne University Professor, took part in an undercover raid to close down Tiger Ranch. Tiger Ranch was a cat shelter that had been operating for 14 years until Dr. Morrow realized that the owner was mistreating hundreds of animals.

Many of the cats living at Tiger Ranch had pneumonia, ring worms, infections, respiratory problems, and other life-threatening issues. Dr. Morrow saved more than 300 cats found in the raid that desperately needed love and care. She bought a house for these sick cats to be able to have somewhere to stay and Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue was born.

More than 40 cats currently reside in the two-story house and are able to roam freely. The cats have an outside gazebo that is accessed from the house via a fenced-in ramp, which was broken and in desperate need of repair. Duquesne students volunteered on March 26, 2011 to help repair, clean and organize the house. The gazebo was cleaned out and fixed up so that the cats were able to go outside and play.

In that one day, the student volunteers put much work into cleaning and fixing up the kitty house to enable a safer and healthier environment. Donations of litter boxes, cat toys, cat carriers and other items that are received throughout the year needed to be organized.


“Throughout this project, we have learned that good qualities to express are discipline and your ability to listen. If you can listen to what others are saying and take advice and direction, it makes for a smoother atmosphere. One quote that Dr. Schroth brought up that applies to this project is 'we each try in our own little ways to change the world, but together we can change history.' This is a strong indication that if you are able to obtain order and avoid chaos as a group, you can really change the lives of others. Without the Service Learning class, we may have never had the experience to step outside the box and do something different.”

— Danielle Massey