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Libermann Hall Clinical Nursing Facility

In our first 79 years, we have made our mark on the nursing profession and discovered our own ways to exemplify the mission of Duquesne University's Spiritan Founders. Nevertheless, the increasing sophistication of health care technology and the rapidly evolving nature of the nursing profession will demand even higher levels of commitment to excellence from us in the future.

To meet those challenges, we are constructing a clinical nursing facility in Libermann Hall, a multipurpose building on Fifth Avenue recently acquired by the University. This new learning environment will include state-of-the-art simulation rooms, standard patient care settings, basic nursing skill development centers and facilities to foster learning in dimensions of home care. The lab will be available for the fall 2015 semester.

Simulation Room

 Computer rendering of simulation lab

Patient Care Area

Computer rendering of patient care area

This interdisciplinary facility will be used by graduate and undergraduate nurses and will contain technology that will enable students to practice, record their mastery in basic and advanced practice skills and submit their performances electronically to the faculty. The faculty will be able to visually document student progress and provide feedback to students via mobile technology. These developments will assist in the continued formation of students to fill the shoes of the pioneers in nursing, continue the advancement of our school and perform in manner consistent with the traditions of Duquesne University.