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Student News

Manuscript Accepted to Journal

Congratulations to PhD students Kathleen Burger, Debra Kramlich, Mary Malitas, Karin Page-Cutrara, and Lisa Whitfield-Harris for the acceptance of their manuscript to the Journal of Nursing Education titled "Application of the Symphonological Approach to Faculty-to-Faculty Incivility."

Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to undergraduate student Amanda Watts - recipient of a $1,000 Terri Tonsetic RN Memorial Scholarship administered by the Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association.

Three Doctoral Nursing Students Named Jonas Scholars

Congratulations to the following students on becoming Jonas Scholars:
Emerson Ea, PhD student - Jonas Nurse Leader Scholar
Salena Wright-Brown, PhD student - Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar
Sara B. Jennings, DNP student - Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar

Read more about the Jonas Scholar program...

FNP Student Receives Nomination

Alicia (Sunny) Zampogna-SimonCongratulations to FNP student, Alicia (Sunny) Zampogna-Simon, who was nominated for the Southwestern PA NP Organization's 2014 Outstanding NP Student Award at the Annual Dinner Meeting.

Two Students Elected to National NSNA Posts

Nursing students Caroline Miller and Monika Spangenberg are among a small group elected from across the nation to serve important roles for the prestigious National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA).

The NSNA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the professional development of nursing students. Its mission is to mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses and to convey the standards, ethics and skills that students will need as responsible and accountable leaders and members of the profession.

Miller is one of just 10 students elected to the NSNA Board of Directors. "I believe that by being on the NSNA board of directors, I will be able to learn about nursing outside the classroom," said Miller, a junior in the nursing school. "I also want to be able to contribute my ideas about the future of nursing, and I want work with the rest of the board to get other nursing students excited about NSNA."

As an NSNA member, Miller chairs the organization's Legislation/Education Committee and also is a member of the Community Health/Disaster Preparedness Committee and the Convention and Program Planning Committee.

Spangenberg is just one of four members elected to the NSNA's 2014-2015 Nominating and Elections Committee. "I was very interested in becoming more involved in the nursing community, and after attending the NSNA mid-year convention I decided to run for a national position," said Spangenberg, a junior in the nursing school. "I chose the Nominating and Elections Committee because I'm very comfortable talking to people, and the main goal of the committee is to reach out to nursing students and inform them of all of the great opportunities the NSNA has to offer."

Congratulations Caroline and Monika!

DNP Program Graduation

Congratulations to Cohort 5!

DNP Cohort 5 graduation photo

Students Win Award at the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium

Gumberg Library presents an award to the author(s) of the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium poster that most clearly demonstrates extensive and creative use of Gumberg Library resources, as well as the best understanding and application of principles of information literacy, and effective communication of research/scholarship.

URSS WinnersThis year the award and prize of $250 went to Jaclyn Angstadt and Rachael Desmond for their poster, Therapeutic Hypothermia and Neurological Outcome after Cardiac Arrest. Through a systematic review, the students investigated the outcome of the relatively new post-cardiac arrest treatment for patients, therapeutic hypothermia (TH). Specifically, Angstadt and Desmond posed the research question, "Does TH improve neurological outcome after cardiac arrest?" Their study concluded that TH improved survival rates and neurologic outcome for patients, but pointed to less favorable outcomes for normothermic and hyperthermic patients and increased mortality and multi-organ dysfunction in the pediatric population.

Congratulations Jaclyn and Rachael!

Students Run Half Marathon

Congratulations to our senior students who completed the Pittsburgh Half Marathon!
#12124 - Juliet Garcia
#3527 - Jen Guise
#19210 - Rebecca Ipjian
#19839 - Katherine Kinney
#25074 - Alison Spada

Pittsburgh Half Marathon 

Pittsburgh Half Marathon 

Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Scholarship Winner

Annabel RaylCongratulations to nursing student Annabel Rayl who received a $1000 Gumberg Library Student Endowed Scholarship! The scholarship is funded by Gumberg Library employees to recognize the contributions of student workers who accomplish the library's mission.Ms. Rayl works in the library's Circulation Department.

As part of the application process, students are asked to describe their understanding of Gumberg Library's role in helping Duquesne achieve its mission. Ms. Rayl's essay communicated her personal experience and related it to her preparation to caring for her future patients as a nurse. She wrote in part:

"Working at Gumberg Library has developed my customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills. As I learn to deal with difficult library users and help to solve student problems, I am also preparing to better help my patients in my career as a nurse. As a student worker at Gumberg Library, I may not be the most qualified employee to help students with in¬ depth research questions; however, as a student, I am a primary source of information for library users who may prefer asking another student for help rather than an adult. Similarly, as a nurse I will not be informed about my patient's medical condition in the same way that a physician is informed. While doctors may heal patients physically, I believe nurses play an important role in promoting overall patient care on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. The physician and nurse each have strengths and work together to care for the patient. Learning to work in a community such as the library, where each employee has a specific area of focus and knowledge but work together to serve the Duquesne learning community, will be very beneficial to my future career in nursing."

Great job, Annabel!

6 Student Abstracts Accepted

Congratulations to our undergraduate students in Dr. Rebecca Chia's class whose abstracts were accepted at NCUR 2014, CUR - The Council on Undergraduate Research: Learning Through Research, held at the University of Kentucky. Students were chosen from more than 4,000 submissions, demonstrating their unique contributions to the discipline.

Jaclyn Angstadt, Rachel Desmond, Alex Hess, and Megan Bartlebaugh:

  • Does therapeutic hypothermia improve neurologic function after cardiac arrest?
  • Are Tissue Adhesives more Effective in the Wound Healing Process than Conventional Suture Technique?

Allison Spada and Liliane Schwedfeger:

  • Does animal-assisted therapy decrease anxiety and depression among psychiatric patients?

Dr. Chia and her students

Front row: Allison Spada, Jaclyn Angstadt, Rachel Desmond and Dr. Rebecca Chia
Back row: Megan Bartlebaugh, Alex Hess and Liliane Schwedfeger

NCLEX Review Winner

Congratulations to senior Anne Snyder for winning the AfterCollege/Hurst Review Services 30-day Online NCLEX Review! AfterCollege is the largest career network for college students and recent graduates. They are working to eliminate unemployment among college students and recent grads by helping students explore jobs and internships.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholarships

Five nursing students in the Second Degree BSN program were awarded an academic scholarship from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The grant is administered through the foundation's New Careers in Nursing scholarship program and is the fourth year that the School of Nursing has received funding.

2013 RWJF sholarship awardees

Front: Lashiwe Pepala and Fatima Salim
Back: Eric Devine, Albert Collins and David Mwangi

Sophomore Students' Article Published

Congratulations to our sophomore students Allison Gilmore, Emma Kaizer, Blake Roach, Samantha Buffalini, Katie Elliot, and Marguerite Dickenson! Their article "Applying Holistic Health Care in the Workplace" is on the Oncology Nursing Society's web site!

Student Publications

Karin Page-Cutrara, PhD student
Her recent publication in the Journal of Nursing Education - "Use of Prebriefing in Nursing Simulation: A Literature Review". The paper emanated from her work during an independent study with Dr. Michalene King.

Bill Gourash, PhD student
His article, "Longitudinal assessment of bariatric surgery (LABS): retention strategy and results at 24 months" will be in the upcoming issue of the journal Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases

Joyce Victor-Chmil, PhD student
Victor-Chmil, J. (2013, January/February). Critical thinking versus clinical reasoning versus clinical judgment: Differential diagnosis.Nurse Educator. 38(1), 34-36.