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BSN Curriculum

Biology Courses

BIOL 101/102 Introduction to Life Processes with Lab - 3 Credits

Lecture and recitation: An emphasis on the fundamental biochemical and cellular concepts required for a solid understanding of life's processes. This information will provide the background for the Anatomy & Physiology and Introductory Microbiology courses.

Laboratory: Laboratory experiments and demonstrations illustrating biochemical and cellular processes. The lab is designed to accompany the Lecture and recitation.

BIOL 203/204 Introductory Microbiology with Lab - 3 Credits

Introduction to microorganisms, their morphology, metabolism, ecology, and cultural characteristics, with emphasis on their interaction with other organisms, including man. Principles of medical and health related aspects of microbiology, immunology and animal virology are presented.  Lecture and Laboratory.

BIOL 207/208 Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab - 4 Credits

Lecture: This course is for aspiring health care workers. It provides a solid foundation in normal human anatomy and physiology, then helps the student to integrate the knowledge with exposure to pathological conditions and clinical applications. The focus during this first semester is on body organization, movement, and control mechanisms. 

Laboratory: Laboratory exercises include both microscopic and gross examination of human anatomy, studies of physiological processes and exposure to basic clinically significant procedures. The hands-on approach in the laboratory provides an opportunity for students to experience and better understand the topics covered in lecture.

BIOL 209/210 Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab - 4 Credits

Continuation of Anatomy and Physiology I, emphasizing the mechanisms employed to maintain the body. Lecture and Laboratory.