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BSN Curriculum

Sophomore Nursing Courses

UPNS 207 Health Assessment - 6 credits

This course focuses on the assessment of health status through the use of the Synergy Model and the development of interviewing and physical examination skills. It will begin with a discussion of optimal self-care behaviors and then focus on the principles of health promotion, disease prevention and health teaching. The use of therapeutic communication skills when performing health assessment and the assessment of cultural and socio-economic aspects of health will be emphasized. Students learn to critically evaluate assessment findings and differentiate between normal and alterations indicative of actual or potential health problems. Students have lab experiences in the nursing learning and simulation laboratory where health assessment skills can be practiced in addition to the Nurse Managed Wellness Centers.

UPNS 214 Fundamentals of Nursing (W) - 6 credits

This course will focus on the concepts, skills, and attitudes fundamental to professional nursing practice within a framework of clinical decision-making. The course will emphasize critical thinking, the establishment of the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, and the development of the student's beginning comprehension of the patient's physiologic and psychological responses to health and illness. Students will have lab experiences in the Duquesne University Nursing Learning Laboratory and clinical agencies where fundamental nursing skills can be practiced.

UPNS 217 Behavioral and Community Health - 6 credits

This course will focus on an introduction to theory and concepts of behavioral and community health nursing. Emphasis is on the use of self in relationships with mental health consumers as well as professional nurse's role in working with the community as the client. The importance of the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship will provide the framework for exploring the factors, which contribute to stress, maladaptive behavior, and mental illness. Care will be delivered based on standards of community health and psychiatric standards of nursing practice. The student will then explore the role of the community health nurse and the behavioral health nurse working collaboratively with the community as part of an interdisciplinary team. An introduction to conceptual frameworks that focus on community health and behavioral health care is included in both the classroom and clinical portions of the course. Selected outpatient mental health settings, and community based agencies will be utilized for clinical practice.

UPNS 219 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice I - 3 credits

This course will cover the basic principles of pharmacology and drug therapy necessary for general nursing practice. Concepts of drug effectiveness, pharmacokinetics, mechanism of action, and drug interactions will be examined. In most cases, the emphasis will be on the pharmacological action of drugs on specific organ systems. Throughout the course, medications will be discussed in relation to their clinical use in the treatment of specific disease conditions.