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students using ebooksDuquesne University School of Nursing utilizes eBooks in both classroom and clinical learning experiences. The cost of the eBooks is fully covered in the tuition fee.

The Duquesne University Barnes & Noble Bookstore has partnered with Elsevier to offer an exclusive comprehensive bundle of nursing texts that will be used throughout the nursing program. The bundle provides substantial savings versus purchasing titles individually.

New students will be introduced to PageburstTM electronic textbooks (eBooks) from Elsevier, the world's leading publisher in health science.

Prior to the start of the semester, newly enrolled students will be given detailed instructions on how to access eBooks.

What are the benefits to having textbooks available in an electronic format?

  • eBooks offer a significant cost-savings over purchasing print book
  • Your eBooks are fully accessible from your mobile device or any computer
  • You can highlight passages within the textbooks and add notes to specific content areas. The highlighted passages and notes are synced across all your devices for focused studying or sharing with other students in your study group.
  • Your eBooks are inter-connected so you can easily search for specific information and all related content across all books will be displayed
  • Faculty can share highlights and notes with you to guide your reading and preparation for examinations

What electronic devices are compatible with eBooks?

The Elsevier eBooks can be downloaded onto:

  • iPad Mini (recommended) 
  • iPad Air
  • iPhone
  • personal laptop or desktop

Is there an app for that?

Yes, eBooks are accessed using a free app available from Apple's iTunes Store.

How do I pay for eBooks?

The cost of eBooks for the Nursing program is included in your yearly tuition fee.

Will I need to purchase additional textbooks?

Yes, the eBook package is limited to your nursing textbooks. Books for other courses at Duquesne will need to be purchased separately. However, texts used in other courses may also be available as an eBook. It is your responsibility to obtain information about textbooks used in non-nursing courses.

What happens if a new edition of a textbook comes out after I have purchased my eBooks?

You will receive free updates of any book in the nursing eBook bundle.

How long will I have access to my eBooks after I graduate?

You will have access to your eBook library even after you graduate from Duquesne.Your eBooks are yours to keep.