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RN-BSN Curriculum

RN-BSN Courses = 30 credits

UPNS 112 Information and Technology for Nursing Practice 3 cr.
UPNS 222W Examining Contemporary Nursing and Healthcare Issues 3 cr.
UPNS 223 Population Based Health and Community Health Nursing (3T/3CL) 6 cr.
UPNS 326 Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice 3 cr.
UPNS 327 Practice, Advocacy and Policy Issues for the Older Adult 3 cr.
UPNS 339W Genetics in Nursing and Health 3 cr.
UPNS 411 Nursing Ethics Across the Life Span 3 cr.
UPNS 423W Evidence Based Approaches to Professional Nursing Practice 3 cr.
UPNS 428 Nursing Leadership: Building Leadership Capacity 3 cr.
Optional Courses:
Special Topic Seminar

3 cr.

Special Project Seminar

3 cr.

University Core Courses


The following courses must be taken at Duquesne University or transferred from an accredited college or university, prior to or while enrolled in the RN-BSN program. A transcript evaluation will determine which courses are transferable. Contact Gina Plocki, Nursing Recruiter, for more information at 412-396-6534 or plockir@duq.edu

University Core/Electives

MATH 125 Fundamentals of Statistics 3 cr.
UCOR 101 Thinking & Writing Across the Curriculum 3 cr.
UCOR 102 Imaginative Literature and Critical Writing 3 cr.
UCOR 132 Basic Philosophical Questions 3 cr.
UCOR *** Creative Arts:
ARHY 100 Understanding
Art ARHY 290 Non-Western Art
3 cr.
UCOR *** Theology Core:
UCOR 141 Biblical Historical Perspectives
UCOR 142 Theological Views of Human Person
UCOR 143 Global and Cultural Perspectives
3 cr.
UCOR*** Faith and Reason:
PHIL 219 Christian Philosophy
THEO 283 Faith and Reason
3 cr.