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Attila "As a student in the Mylan School of Pharmacy, I have been able to develop the necessary professional expertise while having the opportunity to get involved in various campus activities."

Attila Mihalik
Former President, Student Government Association
Pharm.D., Class Of 2015
"Overall I have found this semester to really drive home the purpose of pharmacy and why it is called the professional phase. After this semester, I can say that I am proud to be at Duquesne University, because I know I am learning all of the most up to date and relevant skills and knowledge that will make me a better pharmacist. I understand now the difference between being a pharmacist and being a Duquesne Pharmacist. The curriculum is created to link all classes together with one common goal: creating knowledgeable, experienced pharmacists that have the ability to make a difference in the healthcare profession. I have enjoyed my courses this semester, and I am excited to see what new things I will learn next semester."

Hannah Cawoski
Class President
Pharm.D., CandidateOf 2017
Our Friends and Alumni

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Lisa Abruzzo, Parent of current Pharmacy student

Kaitlyn Stroyne, Current Pharmacy student

William Bell, Pharmacy Alumni 1992

David D. Shetter, Pharmacy 1982 and
Angela Deramo Shetter, Education 1982

Rosanna Slobodian, Pharmacy Alumni 1959

John J. Slavoski, Pharmacy Alumni 1953

James A Gillespie, Pharmacy Alumni 1958

Norman Tomaka, Pharmacy Alumni 1980

Dr. Charles Winek, Pharmacy Alumni 1957