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Class Notes

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Class of 2011 Lee Feigert married married Mary Pat Stahler.
Class of 2010 Sarah Criner married Jonathan Taylor.
Class of 2010 Kristin Garnett married Matthew R. Wanek.
Class of 2010 Janelle Kardos married Matthew Schnur.
Class of 2010 Danielle McMillen married Theo Pikoulas.
Class of 2008 Martina Sucic married Brian J. Lindway.


Class of 2012 Jessica Griswold married Jordan Zamary.
Class of 2011 Candy Reed married Matthew Klotz.
Class of 2010 Sarah Rose Kulik married Joshua Stanley Wrona.
Class of 2009 Karla Leigh Kershaw married Christopher John Caruso.
Class of 2008 Josef Berletic married Jocelyn Graff.
Class of 2003 Cindy Powers married Michael Magrini.



Class of 2011 Stefanie Ann Kraycar married Shawn J. Hickey.

Class of 2010

Molly R. Degenkolb married Robert F. Weiss.
Class of 2008 and 2009 Dana M. Trumbetta (08) married Keith D. Paviekovsky (08).
Class of 2008 Danielle Ann-Marie Hoover married Mark David Lesher.
Class of 2007 and 2008 Cassandra Johns (08) married Spencer Cooper (07).
Class of 1960 Louise A. Binegar married William Francis Popich.




Class of 2007

Jamie L. Kearns married Michael P. McConaha.

Class of 2007

Katie Haberman married Ryan Koleno.
Class of 2005

Amanda Fritz married J Zundel.


Class of 2009 Patricia E. Giesey married Brian K. Kowalsky (06).
Class of 2005 Todd A. Fortney married Melody J. English.
Class of 2004 Amanda C. Chuk married Scott D. Phillips.
Class of 1983 Karen Christy married John Christy on 9.4.2010.


Class of 2007 Kay Mehalko married Jeffrey M. Alban (Pappert Music School) on 7.21.2007.
Class of 2007 Catherine Woods will be married to Dan Coast (DU Grad) on 9.6.2008.
Class of 2006 Joshua M. Dabbs married Amanda Haines on 5.19.2007.
Class of 2006 Elizabeth Downing married Andrew Ferguson on 9.1.2007.
Class of 1997 Jayanne Grgurina married Brian Silvers on 9.8.2007.
Class of 1996 Susan Lenhart married Jeffrey Herman on 5.5.2007.
Class of 1978 Sally and Richard Burgess announce the marriage of their daughter Erin to Jon Perry on 6.16.2007.


Class of 2005 Erin (McCart) Mader married Chuck Mader on 5.12.2007.
Class of 2005 Anna (Kasprzak) Meyers married Jacob Meyers on 9.2.2006.
Class of 2005 Megan Brake married Michael Kilkeary on 9.22.2007.
Class of 2005 Tara (Haddad) Stoner married to Dustin Stoner on 10.08.2005.
Class of 2005 Ashley Koliscak P’05 married Luke Carroll P’05 on 10.14.2006.
Class of 2005 Stephanie Stynchula will be married to Tom Zalewski on 4.28.2007.
Class of 2005 Decinda (Law) Williams married Ryan Williams on 7.8.2006.
Class of 2002 Holly Hendrickson Yee, married Kenneth Yee 8.31.2006.
Class of 1994 Kelly P. Kirby married Joseph D. Shaw on 8.12.2006.


Class of 2005 Sara Szabat married Adam Lehman (HMS, ’02) on 5.27.2006.
Class of 2003 Christopher Heasley married Jacqueline on 9.4.2004.
Class of 2003 Emily (Durkota) Rice married Mark Rice on 7.9.2005.
Class of 1996 Kelly A. Burke married Stuart Simm 11.2005.
Class of 1995 Sheila Schumann married Joseph Errett 4.7.2005.
Class of 1994 Christine Glad married to Michael Manski on 9.2006.
Class of 1991 Jane Dill married Jonathan Benne on 4.15.2006.
Class of 1979 Pamela K. (Bellas) Karrer married Timothy Martine Karrer on 11.12.2005.


Class of 2003 Amie (Taggart) Blaszczyk and Scott Blaszczyk P'02 married in January, 2005.
Class of 2003 Carrie (Schlieper) Keefe married Kevin Keefe on 10.16.2004.
Class of 2002 Kara (Kearney) Foulds married Marlin Foulds on 9.5.2004.
Class of 2001 Kelly (Shoemaker) Charlesworth married Damian Charlesworth on 10.16.2004.
Class of 2001 Valery (Curran) McCann married John McCann on 10.09.2004.
Class of 2001 Haron L. Fruth married D. Joseph Zelem.
Class of 2001 Christine (Grech) Rueger married Robert Rueger on 5.8.2004.
Class of 1998 Mark S. Marinock, Jr. married Theresa Pence on 7.21.2001.
Class of 1995 Sheri (Banko) Kitzmiller married Steven Kitsmiller on 5.24.2003.
Class of 1990 Denise (Bojarski) Li married Albert Li, M.D. on 5.24.2003.
Class of 1963 Vincent J. McKinley just married Ophelia.