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2013-2014 Scholarship Application

To be considered for scholarship aid from the School of Pharmacy, you must first apply for University/Financial Aid. A listing of the financial aid sources is in the Financial Aid chapter of the Duquesne University Undergraduate Catalog.

Your application must be completed electronically by May 15.

Contact Information

Academic Profile

Yes No

Yes No

Giant Eagle
Rite Aid

Certain scholarships restrict their award to a specific area of practice (e.g. community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy).

Financial History

Previous Financial Aid Sources

List previous financial aid sources and amounts:

Year Source Amount

Outstanding Loans and Other Debts

List outstanding loans and other debts which must be repaid that you acquired for your education:

Year Source Amount
Financial Need for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

List projected expenses (tuition, room, board, books) and all financial sources of income (including employment and outside funding from governmental and other agencies). The difference between your estimated expenses and income is the amount of need.

Projected Expenses

Classification Amount

Sources of Income

Classification Amount

Total Expenses - Total Income = Need

Need $

Extracurricular Activites

List your extracurricular activities within the school and throughout the community:

Additional Information

If you feel there is other information that would assist the Scholarship Committee to make a decision regarding your application, please describe:

Note: By electronic submission of this application, you are attesting to the validity of all information provided.