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Academic Research Pharmaceutical Information Center

Director: Bruce H. Livengood, B.S., Pharm.D.

About The Center

The Center is a drug information service that provides responses to drug information requests generated by alumni, preceptors, students, faculty, other health care providers and the public. The Center receives questions on drug interactions, on safe and effective drug use, use during breast feeding and pregnancy and adverse drug effects.


The Center aims to provide drug information to alumni, students, faculty, and the public.


The Center serves as an experiential education site for Doctor of Pharmacy students and maintains a core library of reference texts, periodicals and electronic resources for use by faculty and students of the School of Pharmacy.

  • The Center received more than 1,500 drug information requests. Over 500 were initiated by School of Pharmacy Alumni.
  • There were five Well Aware publications in 2007 and several contributions to the Pill Box Column (Bulletin of the Allegheny County Medical Society).
  • The Center published weekly “PIC Question of the Week” articles written by PharmD candidates under the oversight of the PIC director. These are posted on the School of Pharmacy website and are accessible via Blackboard to all preceptors participating in the Experiential Education program.
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