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Duquesne in Dublin

Beginning Fall 2013, Duquesne University has designated University College Dublin (UCD) as the new Duquesne in Dublin study abroad experience.  This program is a study abroad site at a partner university where students live and learn together. Duquesne University has selected this UCD for its:

  • commitment to academic excellence
  • outstanding service to students
  • cultural richness
  • geographic desirability

Duquesne in Dublin program will provide students the opportunity to:

  • travel and study together as an integrated group during their semester abroad
  • integrate into the Irish Culture and meet local students at UCD
  • choose from an extensive menu of pre-approved courses
  • lived in the beautiful Saint Michael's House with other Duquesne Students
  • enjoy tailored support services facilitated by an on-site coordinator.
Program Features

Studing abroad at the Duquesne in Dublin program provides a wealth of opportunity:

  • UCD Courses and academic calendar aligned with Duquesne
  • On-site orientations and residential support at the beautiful St. Michael's House
  • Over 200 university clubs and societies
  • Spiritual Life Program, facilitated by Irish Spiritians
  • On-site course on Irish Culture, as well as special programs and excursions
  • Close proximity to Dublin Airport, offering affordable travel throughout Europe