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Duquesne University's Italian Campus

The Campus Grounds

  • Duquesne's Italian campus is housed with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth on a beautiful and safe property west of downtown Rome and just beyond Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica.
  • The Campus is within a secure, walled property enclosing beautiful gardens and walkways.
  • An on-site staff includes a Director, Michael Wright and Assistant Director, Alana Sacriponte, along with three Assistant Resident Directors living among the students.

Take your very own tour of the Italian Campus by visiting our Photo Gallery

Where will I live?
What is the "dorm" like?

The Italian Campus is conviently located in one building. Floors 3 and 4 are the students' residence and both men and women live on these floors.  All rooms are doubles and offer private baths, bed linens, a pillow and towels. There are also small computer labs located in the middle of each floor. 

Is there a Meal Plan?
What is the food like? Is there a meal plan?

Many meals are provided at the Italian Campus. The Sisters cook for the students and serve the equivalant of 4 full days of meals:

Sunday - Dinner only

Monday - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Tuesday - Breakfast/Lunch/DInner

Wednesday - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Thursday - Breakfast/Lunch